How to Set Up Google WiFi in 5 Minutes or Less?

Google WiFi router is a compact and user-friendly device that appeals to users with its wonderful and sleek design. It falls under the category of exclusive mesh network routers. 

Here, you will get all the necessary information about the Google WiFi router setup and installation. So, follow all the steps carefully. 

Steps to Proceed with Google WiFi Login and Setup 

Before connecting any devices to your router, you need to establish an initial connection with the help of an Ethernet cable. The initial connection helps you to create a primary WiFi access point for the wireless modem. 

Google Wifi Connection

Create Primary WiFi Point 

All the necessary steps with which you can create a primary WiFi point are given below. 

  • Attach one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the primary WiFi point. Then, connect the other end to the modem.
  • Power it up by connecting an electrical outlet to the WiFi point and the blue lights will glow up slowly. It is the sign by which you can understand that the device is almost ready for setup. 
  • Place the device in a location where you can see it clearly. Also, make sure that there are no blockages between the access point and your PC or laptop. 

After creating the access point, let’s proceed with the Google WiFi installation. 

Download and Install Google WiFi Application

There is an application for the Google WiFi setup in both Android and iOS platforms. So, download and install it in your desired device (Android or iOS). After the successful installation of the app, accept and agree to the terms and conditions. In case, you don’t want to send any reports to Google, untick the box which is given there.

After that, select the “Get Started” option and now you have to log-in to the router device. Type your Google’s email and password and you are ready to use the device. 

Locate Google WiFi Point and Connect to it

In order to locate and develop a connection for the Google WiFi point, start the application and read all the instructions carefully. Then, you will see a QR code there, so scan it and the application will automatically detect the WiFi point. 

For scanning the QR code, the application will prompt you. It will ask to show the QR code on your mobile phone or tablet’s rear camera. After that, select the WiFi’s location point on the application. 

To sort out the location for the Google WiFi point, select your desired location directly from the application. This will help you to know and identify the application quickly. After finishing up the entire process, tap on the “Next” option to proceed further. 

Proceed with WiFi Setup

For setting up the WiFi, you need to follow certain instructions which are given below. 

  • First, create a name for your WiFi device and then tap on “Next”. 
  • Set a new password and then tap on the “Create” option. 
  • If you want to turn on the Cloud-based services, then select the “Yes, I’m in” option.
  • With the help of this option, you will permit Google and it will gather all the data relevant to the network and devices. 

Note: It will enable your router device to serve you in a better way and enhance its performance. 

However, if you want to switch off the cloud services, just tap on “No, Thanks”. 

Build Additional WiFi Points

The WiFi points that are already present in the device doesn’t have much ability to provide you with excellent network coverages. So you need to add up a few more WiFi points to get a better network. 

You can also set up WiFi points by numbering them and also finalizing them. In order to do so, you need to tap on the “Next” option. 

Note: We recommend you not to place the WiFi points far away from your mobile and computer device. It is better that you place them in an open area where you can enjoy a full-fledged and strong network coverage. 

Now, connect the power supply to your WiFi point and follow the instructions that are given below. 

  • You must hold your mobile device nearest to the Google WiFi point and then select “Add WiFi point”.
  • Once you have done it, choose the “Test Now” option with which you can check its connection coverage strength. If the strength is not good, you must move it to a better location. 

After the completion of the entire process, you will find all the WiFi points that you have created. 

Software Installation

After you have set up all the WiFi points, the WiFi software including all the latest features has to be downloaded and installed. So, wait until the download is complete. It might take 6 to 10 minutes sometimes. After that restart, the WiFi points to make the wireless router work smoothly. 

Note: As the download and installation process is now complete, you can use any device to access the Internet that is connected to it. If you face any sort of problem, then you should contact the support team of Google WiFi. 

Here, we are providing you a list of some common problems that might hamper the Google WiFi router setup.

  • Resetting failure of Google WiFi router
  • Router not connecting to the modem
  • Wrong log-in id and password 
  • Google WiFi application keeps crashing continuously
  • Connected with another router 
  • WiFi point missing during the setup process 
  • Error found while setting up Google WiFi
  • Google WiFi settings unavailable
  • Mesh network not connecting to the Internet
  • Google WiFi setup is unavailable
  • Cannot change Google WiFi’s primary point
  • Google WiFi unable to perform the complete setup
  • Google WiFi application is offline
  • Established a connection with another router
  • Unstable Google WiFi connection
  • Connection problem with Google WiFi point 

You will get all the easy and reliable solutions to these problems by getting in touch with Google WiFi support professionals. However, you must perform the setup and installation process carefully and make sure that it does not get any interference from any physical obstacles.  

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