Arris Modem Setup (Complete Setup Guide)

Arris modem routers are very helpful as they have both modem and router in one device. So, if you have recently bought one and looking for methods for Arris modem setup, then you are in the right place.

 Here, I will be giving a comprehensive overview of how to set up your router. As an example, I will be using the Arris SBG6782 model modem router. This is the latest and offers many features. I will also be telling you how to make your router safe and customize it according to your needs. 

Procedures to Setup Arris Modem 

So, let’s see the procedures to completely set up and make your router safe and ready to use one by one. 

1. Setting up your Arris modem

  • Take a coaxial cable and connect one end to the outlet for the coaxial wire and the other end to the cable jack on the modem located at its cack panel. 
  • After that, you can connect your computer over the WiFi. However, if you want to connect it via cable, then you can use an Ethernet cable. Connect one end to the Ethernet port on your computer and the other end to the Ethernet port at the back of the router. 
  • Now, connect the modem to a nearby power source by using the power cable. 
  • Wait for about 2 minutes until the modem is online.

You have setup Arris modem successfully. Now, let us see the procedure to connect it to your devices.

2. Connect all the devices to the WiFi

When you are going to connect your devices to the WiFi, you have to know the SSID and the WiFi key for your modem. You will be able to find the WiFi key and the SSID at the bottom part of your modem. 

The name for the 2.4 GHz WiFi network will be “2.4 GHz SSID”. And, the name for the 5.0 GHz WiFi network will be “5GHz SSID”. Also, the password for accessing the modem settings and connecting to the WiFi network is “WiFi Key”. 

Now, let us see the procedure for the WPS setup. This will allow you to connect to your WiFi network automatically. You will not need to find the network and the password manually. Follow the given instruction to setup your WPS.

  • Look at the top of your modem and press the button of “WPS”. 
  • After that, hold the button of WPS on your computer or any other device that supports this feature. You have to keep it pressed for about 5 seconds. After this, your device will get connected successfully.
  • You have to do the previous step every time you want to add a device that supports WPS. 

Connecting all the devices to the WiFi network is one of the major parts of the Arris modem router setup. 

3. Changing the WiFi channel  

Sometimes you may experience bad networks on the WiFi channel that you were currently using. In that case, you may want to move to another WiFi channel to use the internet without any hindrance. So, you can follow the steps given below to change the WiFi channel:-

  • Open your web browser. Then, go to the address bar and type “”.
  • This will take you to the login page for Arris. You have to use “cusadmin” as the username. For the password, you have to use security that is printed on a sticker on the modem. 
  • Go to the menu located at the top and select the option of “Wireless”. After that, select the option of “802.11 Radio”.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu of “Channel”, you have to choose a channel number. In this case, it will be 5GHz.  
  • After selecting, if you want to change the 5GHz channel name, you have to go to the tab of 5GHz.
  • When you are done making the changes, you have to save the changes by clicking on the button of “Apply”. 

So, now you have changed your channel name successfully. 

4. Changing the name and password of the wireless network

The SSID or the name of your WiFi network is required to identify your network among all the other networks present within the range of the devices you are using. If you want to change the name of your network, you can follow the steps given below:-

  • Open any web browser on your computer. Go to the address bar and type in “”.
  • The login page of Arris will show up on the screen. After that, you have to login by using the username of “cusadmin”. For the password, you have to refer to the white sticker on your modem.
  • Then, go to the option of “Launch Quick Start Wizard” and click on the option of “Manage Wi-Fi Network”. 
  • Next, type in the name you want to give to your network in the option of “Network Name”. This will be your new SSID.
  • Now, to change your password, go to the option of “Passphrase” and type in the password that you want to use.  
  • After making the changes, click on the “Apply” button. This will help you to save the changes that you have made.  

So, now you have successfully changed the name and the password for your network. It will make your network more safe and secure.

5. Guest network setup

Sharing your network username and password with your guests can leave you vulnerable to threats. Without a guest network, your personal information can be accessed by the other users. So, by setting up a guest network, you will stay safe and your guest will also be able to use your network. 

If you want, you can create a guest network for your 2.4 as well as your 5 GHz network. Follow the given steps to setup a guest network:-

  • Open your web browser and in the address bar, you have to type “”.
  • After that, log in to your router by using the username of “cusadmin”. You have to refer to the white sticker on your router for the password. 
  • Now, from the “Launch Quick Start Wizard”, you have to click on the option of “Manage Guest Network”. 
  • Next, locate the option of “Guest Network” and make it “Enabled”. 
  • After that, save this change by clicking on the button of “Apply”. 

You can also change the SSID and the password for your Guest Network. It will make your connection more secure and you will have less chance of breach in your primary network. For this, you have to log in and go to “Launch Quick Wizard” and then to “Manage Guest Network”. Here, you have to change the information in the option of “Guest Network Name” for changing the name of the network and “Passphrase” to change the password. 

So, now you have successfully set up your guest network. This is also very important for your Arris modem setup.

6. Reset your modem

If you face some problems and you need to reset your modem, then you can do it by using the pin-hole reset button present on your modem. By doing a reset, all your settings will be deleted and you will have to do the configurations from the start. Follow the given instructions to reset your modem successfully:-

  • Find the pin-hole button for a reset on your modem. It is usually located at the back of the modem. 
  • Now, take a paper clip and hold down the button for about 15 seconds. 
  • When the reset will be complete, all the lights on your modem will start blinking. 

I hope that you have understood all of the above-discussed procedures. These are very simple and effective procedures and you will be able to set up your modem in no time. So, do not wait and set up your Arris modem now.   

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