Discord IP Ban — Why does it Happen? How to Get Rid Of this IP Ban?

Discord is a social media application that allows you to have a group conversation with your friends. The mode of communication is text, voice and video call. Several online debates also take place in Discord. In this type of session, not only you but also other people must speak and behave properly. If anyone violates these terms, he/she might face a Discord IP ban. 

The ban can be of many types. Temporary and permanent bans are most common. Being too harsh and sentimentally attacking people might lead to a permanent IP ban from Discord. Other than that, if someone is planning to launch a cyberattack upon all the connections and gets caught, the procedure will be the same. 

There are also two other types of bans apart from the two mentioned above. And, they are administrator bans and wide bans. The server admin ban means eliminating someone out from the host server, directly. Whereas, the Discord wide ban means one cannot access any of the services owned by Discord. This happens when he/she has violated the terms and conditions of Discord. 

A Brief Overview of Discord’s Communication Platform 

Within a very short span of time, Discord has become popular. The application has reached more than 40 million to 300 million (approx) users worldwide. And, the numbers are still growing. If you’re eager to play certain games like Fortnite, Street Fighter 5 and others, and also chat with people, Discord will help you to do that. One important aspect about Discord is that — it has become much popular among gamers. 

The master server of Discord has become the game server nowadays. As per the experts, there are a lot of anime communities that are present in Discord. Furthermore, there is a gaming group named Mr Beast. It is considered the biggest community ever created on Discord. Reports say that there are more than 7 million people in that group. 

What are the Integrated Applications linked with Discord?

There are some social media and video streaming applications that are directly linked with Discord — Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, YouTube. Normally, you can integrate a few social media applications. But with the help of a tool named Zapier, you can easily attach more than 3,000 applications, without any hassle. 

Discord IP Ban: Why?

In brief, some reasons are discussed above. But, knowing the details of why people get banned by Discord will be helpful for you. Furthermore, you should be aware of the aspects — what to do and what not to do. Violating the terms and conditions, using abusive languages are already discussed above. If the server admin finds out any suspicious or unknown IP address, then there are chances of a Discord IP ban. 

On the other hand, certain IPs will be banned by Discord if they are spreading hoaxes, spamming, trolling someone, hurting them personally, spreading hatred regarding castes and religions. As per the reports, if someone brings down the server intentionally, then his/her Discord IP will get banned. 

Want to get Unbanned? How?

There are many ways by which you can eliminate the  Discord IP ban. The experts say that using a VPN is one of the best and most effective approaches. In addition to that, all the other ways are given below. 

The Virtual Private Network 

Utilizing all the spectacular features of the VPN will help you to eliminate the  Discord IP ban. Your first task will be to remove the Discord completely from the application. After that, get along with a reliable and genuine VPN service. After activating the service, install Discord once again. Now, select a random IP to bypass the ban. 

Another Discord Account

Creating another account will be an easy task to get rid of any type of  Discord IP ban. But, first, you must have another valid email account. With the help of that, you have to create a new Discord account. In addition to that, you must use a username that should be different from the previous one. 

What if you are Totally Banned from Discord?

You already know the meaning of Discord wide ban. So, to get rid of the ban from all the Discord services, of course, the VPN will come in handy. How does it work? Let’s follow the processes that are given below. 

Unlocking Discord for Windows OS

Navigate to the system drive and access the Discord main folder. After that, find out the hidden items. Delete the files present there. This is another way of uninstalling the application. Now, restart the computer in order to save the changes. Set up the VPN and re-install Discord. Hopefully, this will work. 

Unlocking Discord for Macintosh OS

Like the previous one, you need to navigate to the Library, and then go to the application support folder. Here, you will find the Discord source folder. Delete the folder, and it will move to the Trash. After that, you need to repeat the process related to Discord uninstalling and installing along with the VPN. 

What is the Time Span of Discord IP Ban?

Regarding the normal ban, you can request the admin team to give you another chance. Make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistake again. If the permanent ban takes place, then there is no time span. You need to opt for new account creation. 

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