Best & Effective Solutions to Resolve WiFi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53

Vivo Y53 is one of the best Android smartphones ever made. It is stuffed with unique features. The user interface is easy to understand, and you can get the device at a reasonable price. But, for the last couple of days, the existing users of the Android device have been facing a serious problem – it is a WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53. So, do you know the actual meaning of this issue? Let’s find it out. 

It’s obvious that you use a WiFi router in your home. What does it do? The device receives the series of data packets and delivers it equally among all the connected devices due to mobile technology’s advancement. Now, you can get this type of technology on your mobile devices – hotspot does the same function. 

What are the Reasons behind the Issue?

Outdated system software, presence of cache files, security patches not installed and many more, can be the reason. On the other hand, the improper configuration of the mobile hotspot can lead to the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53. So, let’s fix the issue with ease via the following solutions. 

Turn on the Mobile Data Properly

Mobile or cellular data on your Vivo smartphone has four network modes – 4G, 3G, 2G and 4G/3G/2G VoLTE auto-connect. Normally, the last option is activated by default. Many Vivo Y53 users have also reported that whenever they are trying to activate and connect to the hotspot, the VoLTE and 4G icons disappear. And, at that moment, the error is taking place. 

It seems that you are also facing the same issue. So, navigate to the WiFi networks and select the network mode to 4G only. If all is well then, you will be able to activate the hotspot easily. If not, then try to activate the 3G mode. 

Eliminate Too many Connected Devices

Always remember – the mobile hotspot is not a hybrid router. You have to use it only for emergency purposes, and that has to be for a short period. If more than 5 devices are already connected to the hotspot, your battery will drain quickly. 

In addition to that, the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53 will also take place. Disconnect all the connected devices. Reconnect only one device and check whether the issue persists or not. 

Install the New Security Patch

Vivo and other Android device-producing organisations release security patches from time to time. There is a vital reason behind that. Nokia and Google endorse stock Android versions in their devices. Other than that, all the other companies provide customised Android OS. So, security risk remains. 

A few Android experts suggested that you must not download the security patch immediately. Wait for a few days as the patch files may contain bugs. When the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53 takes place, you must install the patch file. After successful installation, the issue with the hotspot will no longer be there. 

Remove the Hotspot Password

The default hotspot password is encrypted. So, it is quite confusing to memorize and apply it while connecting another device to the Vivo Y53 mobile hotspot. As you already know the hotspot is only for emergency purposes. So, remove the password. 

Close the settings and try to connect any device to the hotspot. Hopefully, you will not face the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53 will not occur. 

Turn Off the Power Saving Mode

The power-saving mode is present on Android smartphones as well as on tablets. So, do you know how this mode works? Let’s get the concept clearly. All the features, apps along with the system software consumes the power from the rechargeable battery (built-in or removable). 

This actually drains the battery quickly. Further, power usage also takes place when there are any background applications running. The power-saving mode kills all the background applications. In addition to that, it also restricts some features from functioning properly. 

So, the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53 is taking place due to the active power-saving mode. Check the drop-down dimensional window and tap on the battery icon with recycle logo on it – This might work. 

Remove Limited Bandwidth Usage

It seems that you only use mobile data as the main internet connection. Thus, the activation of the bandwidth limit is necessary. Maybe for this reason the WiFi hotspot error Vivo Y53 is occurring. Open the network usage option and extend the bandwidth limit. Close the option and activate the flight mode. 

After that try to connect a device. If this method works, then don’t forget to adjust the bandwidth usage. If you don’t do it, then you might exceed cellular data usage. 

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