Common Wi-Fi Router Safety Hazards

We have grown accustomed to hearing about cyber-attacks and are frequently urged to protect our accounts and devices against hackers, but few of us realize that this also affects our router. As the gateway to our wireless network, the router plays an important role. They can be hijacked, tampered with and expose us to threats we didn’t even know existed. Keeping your router fit and healthy is therefore important – here are the common mistakes to avoid. 

You have kept the generic passwords and logins for your router

The number one mistake people make when buying a router and setting up the internet is to keep the generic passwords and administrative credentials for their router. Often these are plastered to the actual box and keeping them seems the easiest option. And while some of these might be unique, your admin credentials usually aren’t. For this reason, the easiest way to cope is to change everything. Go to this site to generate a strong password for your router. This way you improve your security immensely.

You have not updated your router’s firmware

Outdated routers pose a big security risk to your network. Make sure you update the firmware, which is the preinstalled settings and safety mechanisms for your router. By failing to update it, you leave all devices connected to your Wi-Fi router exposed to potential threats, and it also worsens your connectivity overall. According to the BBC, there is a huge safety risk involved in having an outdated router. Some of this may be due to failing to install updates, but it could also be down to old routers that have been let down by the companies that made them.

You are not keeping up with the latest tech news

Make sure you are up to date with everything that moves within the world of cyber security by following tech blogs and news sites regularly. Why is this important? Because the pace of change right now is incredibly fast with new digital inventions bringing about opportunities as well as potential safety hazards – there is simply a lot to keep up with. New routers are introduced all the time. Different software updates and cyber risks. And safety advice keeps changing as a result.

You do not know the warning signs

It’s great if you know how to protect yourself and stay safe, but if you are not aware of the warning signs, then it’s hard to protect your router and your network. So, here’s a few tips for you. The first one to be aware of any log-in issues. Do you keep entering the correct password and are unable to access your router? Well, this might be because someone else is controlling your router. And if all your internet browsers are leading you to the same site, then you know something is up. You might even experience a lack of control or notice unknown devices. If this happens, disconnect and reset your Wi-Fi immediately.

Mario C. Morrissey
Mario C. Morrissey
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