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Find Out Arris Modem Default IP Address Easily

Arris Routers are decent wireless routers with more than enough specs to handle day-to-day use. In fact, Arris routers tend to work great in a home setup with less congestion. There are definitely some advantages when using a basic setup but if you want to do a little more with your router then you must access the firmware settings to customize the network configurations. For an instance, if you want to hide your WiFi network then you can achieve that by just disabling the WiFi radio function. All these features require you to access the firmware settings and that is why you need Arris router IP address. So today I will start this guide with the IP address and what exactly it means. Additionally, you will learn how to access the IP address for Arris modem as well.

What is Arris Router IP Address and how it’s different from a modem?

To start with, you have to take a look at the various network keywords for a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve. First of all, an IP address is basically an address which is assigned to a network device to locate and transmit data. Since there can be multiple devices participating in a network, a unique address helps the packet to travel to the endpoint easily.

The reason it is called an IP address is that IP stands for Internet Protocol which means the network device has to follow a certain format and rules to communicate with other endpoints. Internet Protocol is basically a standard to bring consistency into data traffic management on the web.

Now coming to Arris Modem IP address, it also has a similar set of rules because, in the end, it is a network device. An IP address is assigned to both the modem and router in dot-decimal notation. While both the devices look similar, it is way different from each other. Let us have a look.

A router distributes internet access to multiple devices whereas a modem provides internet access to the router in the first place. By the very definition of Modem, it elaborates to modulator and demodulator. When your ISP(Internet Service Provider) provides you an internet cable, it goes into the modem first and then a separate wire is connected between the modem and router to provide Internet access to the router.

After going through the much-needed information, let us now learn how to access the Arris IP address on both devices.

Steps to find Arris Router and Modem IP Address:

  • Arris routers have a web-based setup to access the advanced settings. So you will need a PC and a web browser to access Arris IP address. First of all, turn on the router and keep it close to your PC. Next, connect the router to the PC using an Ethernet cable. Keep in mind, to access the router settings you need a physical connection and not WiFi.
  • Secondly, open a browser on your PC. It could be any browser of your choice but try to use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers have the best compatibility with Arris routers. Also, use Microsoft Edge if you are on Windows 10 latest version.

Arris IP Address

  • Now type into the search bar and hit enter. After that, the setup page of the Arris router will open. Keep a note that, is the default IP address for all Arris routers irrespective of the model. This way you can access Arris router advanced settings by just loading its IP address.

Arris Router IP Address

  • If you are wondering about how to open Arris modem IP address then the process is quite similar. Just type into the search bar and it will open the modem setup page. From there, you can proceed with the credentials and you can easily access the modem settings.

Issues And Fixes

  • There are some issues while finding the IP address because of its technical nature. So, you are going to find out the common issues and their fixes. Generally, users are unable to access the login page because the router or modem is not connected properly. Look for loose connections and clip the Ethernet cable properly. To re-confirm, an LED will blink in front of the respective port.
  • If you are still having issues then try to enable the Ethernet adapter. To do so, open Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel and click on Change Adapter Settings from the left panel. There, right-click on the Ethernet adapter and select Enable. This will turn on the adapter and then it will detect the Arris router IP without any issue.
  • Further, if the browser is not loading the login page through the default IP address then it may have been altered. To find out the present IP address, open Network and Sharing Center and click on the Local Area Network link. It will pop up a small window. Further, select the Details tab and then search for IPv4 Default Gateway. The corresponding address is the present IP address of your router. Enter the address in your browser and you can access the login page without any error.
  • If all these methods did not work then, just open My Computer and go to the Network tab. There, it will ask for permission to scan the network. Allow it and then it will show all the network devices connected to your PC. After detecting your Arris router, double-click on the router icon and it will open the setup page through a browser. After that, note down the IP address from your browser’s URL bar for future reference.

Final Words

You can use this method for any model of Arris routers and modems. The default IP address is the same for all devices. In case, you run into any issue while accessing Arris router IP address, RouterGuide has provided lots of troubleshooting instructions. RouterGuide hopes this was a helpful guide to understand and navigate to the IP address seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the default login for Arris router?

The username default is ‘admin’ and the password default is ‘Password.’ You can change a variety of settings after logging in, which often include passwords, wi-fi settings and further information depending on your model Arris device.

How do I find my Arris WIFI password?

Shoot the mouse cursor on the main menu and click the Settings Primary Network link on the submenu. The main settings for the Wireless network are shown. Place your Wi-Fi Name in front of your SSID and next to your passphrase you will find the Wi-Fi Name.

What happens if I reset my Arris router?

You have to re-install the network or install the modem on the new network after running a factory reset. The current network settings will be eliminated for a new beginning.

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