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Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Setup: A Complete Guide To Establish a Smart Router

The Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 setup delivers lightning-fast wireless connectivity and superb network coverage. You can easily connect up to 25 devices to the router that will be easy for you to play games, stream videos, and surf the internet with ease. 

The device comes with advanced technology features like 1GHz dual-core processor, 3 antennas (amplified), beamforming plus, smart connect and others. 

In order to enjoy all the exclusive features, you have to perform the Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 setup procedure. Moreover, you also have to install the router to get a hassle-free internet connection. Before starting any procedure, make sure that the OS that you are using is correctly compatible with the router’s system configuration. 

How To Setup Netgear Nighthawk Ac1750?

All the necessary procedures to set up the network device are given here. Follow each and every instruction as they are very much crucial for this router setup process. After that, you have to perform those steps very carefully. 

Initial Setup  and Installation Procedure 

After unboxing the router, position all the antennas to the 45-degree angle. The antennas are not detachable and you must not attempt to do that. After that. Prepare your modem by turning it on. Then, connect it to DSL wire. Along with that, attach the ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router as well as the modem. Now turn on the router. 

The Configuration Procedure

After successfully performing the initial Netgear ac1750 setup process, you have to connect it to the computer. Once again, gather an Ethernet cable and connect its one end to any of the LAN port in the router, and its other end to the PC’s RJ-45 female jack. If you don’t want to use a wired connection, then make sure that your computer’s wireless feature is on. 

Now open the default browser on your computer and the Genie webpage will display. If not, check all the necessary connections and restart the browser. Now. type the official setup address in the address bar and press Enter. The login page will open on your screen, write “admin” as the username and “password” for the password. The basic home page will appear. After that select a WiFi name and password and save the changes. 

Connect to the WiFi Network

When you are willing to connect to the network, you can either use the WiFi protected setup or use the username and password that you have just created. Check all the instructions that are given below. 

WPS Button

In order to use the WPS option, press and hold the WPS button for near about 3 to 5 seconds. The WPS lamp on the router will blink white in color. In a few seconds, the on-screen WPS button will appear. Click on it and the white color will turn solid as well the router will connect to the computer. 

User ID and Password 

When you want to connect to the network with the help of the router’s user id and password, open any utility software in your PC that helps you to manage the network or the WiFi devices. Run a scan and let the application find the router. After that, select the name of your network device. After that, enter the password and press “OK”. if you want to add other routers, follow these steps once again. 

After all these above procedures, open Genie application, and select “LAN Setup”. If your network IP address is already there, then the application has automatically detected all the credentials present there. If not, contact your ISP and get the necessary information like IP address, Subnet Mask, DNS, and others. Then apply them to their respective places. 

View and make changes in your Router Settings 

After the complete Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 setup process, if necessary, you will be able to make changes. According to our analysis, we have seen that many users face a variety of difficulty in operating all the passwords. Here are some steps by which you will be able to operate all the passwords easily. 

Make Changes in Admin Password

If you are eager to change the Admin password, then go to the router Genie homepage with the help of the default browser. Now select “Advanced” and click on “Administration”, then choose “Set Password”. 

Type your old password once, create a new password and type it twice. After that enable password recovery by applying tick on the checkbox. After that, set two security questions and make sure that you remember the answers. Click on the “Apply” button in order to save changes. 

Recover the Forgotten Admin Password

If you have accidentally forgotten the Admin password, you can retrieve it easily. Open the Genie home page by following the procedure that is given above. When the login window opens, click on the “Cancel” button. We hope that you have already enabled the password recovery option. 

If it is so, then it will prompt you to enter the serial number of the device. Check the label of the router and you will get it. Apply it in its desired place and hit the “Continue” button. After that, answer all the security questions correctly and once again click “Continue” to recover the password. Now log in to the router with your newly created password. 

Find Out the Forgotten WiFi Security Password

Just like the previous step, you will also be able to recover the WiFi password in case you have forgotten or lost it somehow. The default WiFi password is present at the label of the router. If you have changed and eventually forgotten it, then go to the Genie home page, log in, and select “Wireless Settings”. Now go to the “Security Options” and you will be able to see the password. 


Do you need to pay monthly for the Netgear router?

Ans: no, you have to pay just an amount at the time you buy the router. The monthly charges you have to pay for the internet connection that is connected to the router. There are different packages available. Contact your ISP and choose a suitable package for you. 

What to do when your Router won’t connect to the Internet?

Ans: When your router cannot connect the internet, check the administrative status, IP address provided by your ISP and other internet ports. If everything is not in order, make some necessary changes and try to connect to the internet once again. 

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