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Fix: Computer Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi [Updated]

A wireless network environment generally helps you to work in a convenient way. Having a Wi-Fi router in your home lets you sit down and work at any corner of the home. But, what if your computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Your working speed and productivity will decrease.

So, is your device with the Wi-Fi range? If you move a little bit closer and face the same issue, then things are not in your favour. Therefore, the reasons for the issue are a faulty router, outdated network drivers invalid signals, etc. So, without further ado let’s have a look at the best and effective troubleshooting processes that will help you to fix the problem. 

  1. Reboot the System

    Rebooting the computer and the network devices might resolve the situation when the computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi. Unplug all the electrical cables from the circuit board, from both the devices. Wait for some time, and then connect all the cables to their desired slots. Switch on your computer as well as the network devices such as routers and modems. Connect and check whether the issue exists or not. 

  2. Temporarily Disable the Network Adapter

    The Network Connection option is located in the Control Panel, look for Settings in Windows 8, 10. There you will find multiple adapters, find out and select WiFi2. Right-click and you will see the Disable option. After disabling the Wi-Fi network adapter, you need to enable it a few minutes later. Connect to the network once again and hopefully, the issue will not occur. 

  3. Network Driver Update

    Outdated or corrupted drivers might be one of the main reasons when the computer keeps disconnecting from WiFi. So, forget about the uninstalling process. Download and install the latest drivers and install them straight ahead. The previous corrupted or damaged files will be replaced by the new ones. Either you can visit the website of your computer manufacturer or download any other software update application to finish the task. 

  4. The Valid Interval Scanning

    When your computer keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, it is considered a wireless network issue. The valid interval is a time span when the network adapter in your system searches and looks for a better network access point as soon as it reaches its threshold point. Therefore, the scan valid interval must be increased. 

    Get to the Properties of the Wi-Fi network adapter and select Configure. Among all the tabs, select Advanced and the Property option will contain multiple submenus. The Scan Valid Interval is located here. Choose and provide the value of 120 in the Value section located just beside. Now, save changes with the help of the OK button. 

  5. Resolve Several Issues with the Router

    When your computer keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, there must be some issues with the router. You must not waste any time, the reset process will eliminate all the issues. Search for the Reset button, press and hold it for a couple of seconds and then release it. 

    The device will restart and will also revert back to its factory state. Hopefully, you have all the necessary network credentials for the reconfiguration. Place the router IP address in the system default browser and open its setup page. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the task. 

Know your Router’s Specifications

The router is the only network device in your home that provides the facility of a wireless network. Let’s say you have bought a router that has a single antenna. Now, you cannot expect that the device will provide you with a strong coverage beyond its range. Thus, you must know its coverage capacity on the very first note. 

This will help you to arrange your workplace in the coverage area. Now, coming to the frequency, a single antenna router cannot provide a strong frequency compared to the double or multiple antenna routers. Therefore, you need to slow down the background processes of your computer. 

Overusing the network frequency results in the freezing of the device and the flow of data packets gets interrupted. Sometimes, ping losses also occur which is very much annoying in nature. 

Make the Connections Limited 

A router with a single antenna has the power to deliver data packets for 4 devices at a time. When more than 5 devices are connected to the router in your home, the computer keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Let’s say your internet connection has a bandwidth of 100 MBps. when you connect one device, the main bandwidth is slashed down to 90MBps. 

The 10MBps is now delivering data packets to the connected device. In this way, when you keep on connecting devices, the bandwidth keeps on decreasing. At the end, when the bandwidth becomes low, your computer won’t be able to receive any data packets and thus the network drops. 

Secure your Router 

Obviously, a name and a strong password will definitely provide a shield against all viruses and unauthorized intruders. Apart from that, the WPA or WPA2 network profile will also prevent any unknown devices from connecting. 

Always keep the router in a centralized position of your home. Never move the router frequently. In addition to that, use a good quality Ethernet cable and RJ-45 connector so that the router’s WAN port won’t get damaged. 

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