Set Up Wi-Fi Extender With A New Router [Quick Guide]

A Wi-fi extender repeats the Wi-fi signal to enhance the coverage of the wireless network. It rebroadcasts the Wi-fi signals of the router where the signal becomes inconsistent and weak. Thus, it is important that you have to place your Wi-fi extender in an optimum place so that it can easily cover other wireless devices in your home.

When you have replaced your older router with a new one, you have to reconnect your Wi-fi extender with the new router. And if you don’t know the process of how to set up the Wi-fi extender, then go through this article so that you can enjoy seamless wireless communication.

Benefits of Using Wi-Fi Extender:

Wi-fi extenders help in utilizing the wireless or wired connection within your home. Sometimes, your device can’t get enough strong signal due to the long-distance between your device and the router. Even the problem appears when the router is on the ground floor and you are busy with your device on the second floor. Here, a Wi-fi extender can help you to overcome the inconvenience.

We have listed the benefits of setting up a Wi-fi extender with a router, whether it’s new or old. If you are in doubt whether you need an extender or not, then this will erase all your doubts.

  • Basically, Wi-fi extenders increase the signal strength of the router. You can use the Wi-fi extender with both wired and wireless routers.
  • It helps in overcoming the distance issue as well as obstacles. If you place your Wi-fi extender in an accurate position, then you can get enough signal strength wherever you want in your home.
  • It permits more and more devices to connect with the router. The main function of the extender is to extend the signal. So, it will automatically make it easier for other than one device to connect to the router. 
  • Therefore, the performance will increase consequently. 

How to Set Up Wi-Fi Extender with a New Router?

After buying and bringing a new router to home, you need to set up the extender properly with the newly bought router. We have two methods to set up the Wi-Fi extender with the new router

Method 1: Using the WPS Button

This method works when your Wi-fi extender has WPS or Wi-fi Protected Setup button. And the router should have the WPS button too. Let’s start with the process.

  1. Plugin the cable of the new router to a power source and power on the Wi-fi extender too.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds for the Wi-fi extender to start. 
  3. Hit the WPS button of the new router.
  4. Hit the WPS button of the extender within a couple of minutes.
  5. You have to wait till one of the range lights becomes solid in the extender. Flashing lights indicate that the extender is not connected with any nearby router. Hence, switch on only the new router.

And here you go. Your Wi-fi extender is connected with the new router. Now, you can enjoy surfing the internet wherever you wish in your home.

Method 2: Without Using WPS Button

This method belongs to those who have no WPS button on their Wi-fi extender or router. You don’t have to worry. Let’s follow the process.

  1. Put the power socket of your extender in a  power source and place the extender near the new router.
  2. Make sure that the extender is active. Wait till the light on the extender is solid.

Now, depending on how you will connect the extender to your computer, we have two different options. If you are going to use a wireless connection, then go for option A. if you are thinking to connect via cable, then go for option B.

Option A

Your computer or any mobile device must have wireless connecting software in order to perform this procedure. 

  1. You have to turn on the software that is capable of creating a wireless connection.
  2. Next, look for your extender in the device list on your computer.
  3. Enter the key of the extender’s wireless key.

And, here you go. You are all set to use the wireless connection.

Option B

Use this method when you are going to use the ethernet cable. This method is also easy to apply. Follow the method without skipping any of the steps.

  1. You have to insert one end of the ethernet cable to your computer.
  2. Insert the other end with the extender.

Now, let’s return to the previous main method where we had waited for the extender to become steady.

  1. Now, expand the default browser on your device and type the in the address field.
  2. Next, fill in the Admin password of the extender. Go to Login.
  3. Go to the Start button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Finally, you will succeed in connecting the extender with both your new router and the computer. Hopefully, you have found the way how to connect the new router with the Wi-fi extender. If you have found this article useful, then you can share your idea through the comment section below.

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