Google WiFi VPN — Safe and Private Browsing | Set Up Process

Google’s normal and nest WiFi routers are one of the best network devices. But, neither of the routers supports VPN. Subscribing to a VPN is important for browsing the internet in the LAN topology. So, you have to install the Google WiFi VPN manually in your system following the dedicated steps. 

The router firmware and several types of connections will be involved in this matter. On the other hand, you might have to include additional firmware in the Google WiFi router. Furthermore, implement certain changes in the Google WiFi DNS to make the VPN mobile. 

The Manual Setup

As you already know that the Google WiFi routers don’t support VPN, you need to follow a few hacks. With the help of these methods, you will be able to use the Google WiFi router as well as the VPN. 

1. Not one, but two Routers at a time 

According to the network expert, if you assign two routers together, then Google WiFi VPN usage is possible. In order to do so, connect two routers with the help of an Ethernet cable. Now, navigate to the Google Home application and access the Settings. After that, choose Advanced Networking and make necessary changes in the LAN address. Make sure that the DHCP option is enabled while you perform this process. Now, test the VPN and see whether you are getting access to the internet connection or not. 

2. The Induction of VPN capable Firmware

With an expert’s help, you might be able to install a VPN-capable firmware to the Google WiFi router. After the successful installation of the firmware, if any updates are available, get it at once. When the update is done, test the VPN and check whether it is successfully running or not. 

3. The Registration of your IP Address

Select a good VPN and visit its official website. Create an account with the help of the verification code sent to your email ID. After that, click on “Register my IP address” and turn on the toggle button “Automatically register my IP address”. 

4. Introducing the VPN Media streamer

Log out of the VPN website and once again log in with the correct credentials. On the right side of the page, you will find the VPN Media Streamer option. Click on it to reveal the DNS server IP address. Keep the tab open as you need both Media streamer IP address numbers 1 and 2 while using the Google WiFi VPN service. 

Google WiFi VPN, Why should you use it?

A lot of users have asked this question. Now, it’s time to reveal the answer. Every router and internet connection must stay protected. Thus, the use of a VPN is necessary. In the case of home and business networks, it is very important. If an IoT device tries to interfere with your network, then the VPN will restrict that. In addition to that, if you are using an uncapped broadband connection, then your ISP might acquire your personal data; thus a VPN will also put restrictions here. 

The Pros and Cons of Google WiFi VPN

The VPN is providing you with all types of protection details. But, there are drawbacks. Let’s get along with all the pros and cons of a VPN service on Google WiFi routers. 


Apart from the internet, it also covers the intranet. Previously, you had to implement certain procedures, every time, to communicate with other computers in the same network. But now, with the help of a VPN, you can do it easily. Turn it on, and it’s all done automatically. Lastly, you can connect multiple devices to one VPN. 


It blocks any suspicious incoming traffic. Let’s say you and your friends are developing a file transfer application. In order to test the application in the beta phase, you need to connect any of your computers. Of course, the VPN will interrupt in this matter and consider the connection as not at all trustworthy. 

Furthermore, if you intentionally allow any connections, then the VPN won’t be able to protect the network. It’s a VPN, not an antivirus with internet security. Most of the VPNs don’t have the feature of the custom app. Thus, you cannot make obvious changes to the VPN anytime you want. 

Google WiFi VPN Characteristics

No matter what VPN app you choose for Google WiFi router, it must possess some important features and characteristics. They are as followed: 

  • Mobile and PC application support for Android and iOS
  • Strong encryption to maintain your utmost privacy
  • Maintain stable network connection
  • Not interrupting the download and upload speed

In order to get all of these features, you need to pay the desired amount of money. And, this is how you will purchase the VPN. 

The Best Google WiFi VPNs

Private Internet Access, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, BullGuard VPN, SurfShark VPN, PIA, IPVanish, are some of the best VPN providers. Before that, you must research and get to know why you need to use VPN. And, then only opt for the best suitable one.

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