How to Login to Arris SBG6580 Router (Complete Guide)

Wondering how to log in to Arris SBG6580 router? If yes, then we have got you covered. This is because we are going to provide the exact instructions required for a succesful login of Arris SBG6580 router.

Here, we have mentioned the complete procedure, starting from the IP address to changing SSID for Arris DG1670 router sequentially. 

Login Instructions for Arris SBG6580  Router

To learn the complete login procedure of Arris SBG6580 router, follow the steps below. 

  • First of all, enter the default IP address on the search bar of your browser.
  • Upon entering that, you would be asked to enter the username and password within the login screen. If the router is new, you will have to enter the default username and password. The default username and password for Arris SBG6580 router are:

Default Username: admin

Default Password: Motorola

  • Due to its predictability, default username and password should be changed to avoid any unusual login attempts. Make sure to keep the password strong by including alphanumeric and special characters. Besides, the password must contain around 8-16 characters as well. Jot down the new username and password in some secure place to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Now, change the SSID for Arris DG1670 router which is already set up to the brand name “DG1670”. Keep it short and easy to remember. Keep in mind not to set any personal information as SSID. 
  • Lastly, within the default gateway, set the encryption to WPA2-PSK (Industry standard) for the most reliable security.

We hope these login instructions for Arris SBG6580 router helps you in using your router. 

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Taylor Green
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