How Long Should You Press the WPS button to Connect the Devices with Router?

Press the WPS button for at least 2-3 seconds to connect the devices with your wireless router. Using this button, you can establish a stable internet connection on Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, or computers to a network wirelessly.

A Wi-Fi Protected Setup button only provides Wi-Fi to the devices close to the router. There is no need to enter a long string of passwords to use the internet on your PC. Locate the WPS button on your router and press it to pair it with compatible devices. 

Your router scans for the Wi-Fi-enabled devices when you press the WPS button. An orange or amber light will flash for 2 minutes during the scan. Go to the PC’s Wi-Fi menu, locate the router’s wireless network name (SSID), and click “Connect” to access the internet.

Let’s learn the easy steps to connect the supported devices with the router using the WPS button: 

Can You Connect Every Device to Your Router in WPS Method?

All devices can’t be connected to your wireless router. Older computers, laptops, or televisions don’t support WPS. Hence, you must determine whether the devices you need internet access have a WPS option. 

If not, you must find an alternative option to connect it to the router. A “connect via WPS” message appears on the screen when connecting two devices. Click “Yes” to confirm your action and enjoy an uninterrupted internet service on your PC or TV.

Where the WPS Button is Located on a Router?

The WPS button’s location might vary from one router model to another. Most routers have this button at the backside. Some models use a WPS symbol – it looks like two-pointing arrows are inside a circle. 

The WPS icon resembles the universal recycling icon without an arrow and a circle. Many router manufacturers attach the Wi-Fi Protected Setup label next to the button. It is important to note that WPS has the same function in every router regardless of the symbol or name differences.

How to Connect Wireless Devices to Your Router Using the WPS Button?

If you forgot the login credentials, use the WPS button to connect the computer to your router. If you’re setting up the router for the first time, two options will appear on the screen – WPS button or password. 

Press the WPS button on your wireless router and connect the device where you need an internet connection. The router will detect the wireless device and connect with it within a few seconds. Click on the Wi-Fi icon from the device and select the correct SSID from the available networks list.

Open the browser and check if you can use the internet. If yes, you have successfully connected these two devices with the WPS method. However, if your wireless router lacks this feature, establish the Wi-Fi connection in a web-based method.

How to Access the Internet without using the WPS button?

Buy a compatible modem for your router to access the internet. Plug in one Ethernet cable’s end to the modem and the other to the router’s port. Connect the modem and router’s power cable to the wall outlet. 

Wait until the necessary status lights like Power or Internet LED turn solid green. Open a reliable web browser and go to the address bar to write the router’s default IP address. The IP address will be written on the networking device’s backside. 

Your Wi-Fi router’s login page will open if you enter the correct IP address. Provide the login details, press the Log In button, or hit the Enter key to open the web interface. Go to the Network Name section and change the default Wi-Fi network name to something unique.

Head towards the Network Password or Password field and select an Encryption method. We recommend using WPA2 for the ultimate web security. Generate a strong password containing at least 8-12 characters. Choose the Save or Apply Changes button and use the internet to perform the web-based tasks.

Is It Safe to Use the WPS button to Connect the Wireless Devices to the Internet?

The router’s location plays the most crucial role in determining whether using the WPS button to connect the devices to the internet is safe. What if an intruder gains access to your router network using the WPS button and starts using the Wi-Fi?

So, keeping the wireless router in a safe location is important. Place the device in such a location where no one can reach it. Additionally, you must turn off the router or disable the WPS connection when you’re not using the internet. It will protect your home network from unauthorized users, enhancing the router’s security.

Can’t Connect the Devices to Your Router with WPS? Try these 2 Easy Fixes

A faulty WPS button on your router can prevent you from connecting your wireless devices to the internet. Hence, you must look for signs of damage on this button. If the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button is broken, replace it with an expert’s help.

Try these effective troubleshooting tips if the WPS button is working normally:

1. Power Cycle the Modem and Router

A temporary glitch on your router can restrict it from connecting to other devices with WPS. This issue can be fixed if you power cycle the modem and router. Disconnect the router’s power cable from the wall outlet and the ethernet cable from the port.

Unplug the modem’s cable from the power outlet. Remove the Ethernet cable from your wireless router’s port. Additionally, you must restart the devices where you need high-speed internet access.

Reconnect the router’s power cable to the wall outlet and the Ethernet cable to the LAN port. Plug in the modem’s power cord and the Ethernet cable. All the router lights will flash and become stable after 2-3 seconds. Press the WPS button to connect the wireless devices to the router without glitches.

2. Change Your Wireless Router’s Location

The WPS method won’t work if the wireless devices are far from the Wi-Fi router. Therefore, placing your router close to the computer or Smart TVs will eliminate this problem. Ensure there are no electrical appliances near these devices, causing network interferences. 

Alternative Solutions to WPS isn’t Working on a Router

You can’t connect the router with the Wi-Fi-enabled devices if WPS is enabled on the router settings. Thus, open the router’s login page using the default IP address on the browser’s address bar. Enter the username and password and hit the Enter button or choose the login” option.

Head towards the Advanced tab when the router’s setting page opens. You will find the list of features your router has. Locate “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” or “WPS” from the menu and tap on it.

Check if the WPS option is disabled on this web page. If yes, choose the “Enable” switch or put a tick mark next to the Enable box. Restart your wireless router and connect it to the wireless devices using the WPS method. 

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