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Can Gaming Routers Improve Your Gaming Experience on a Windows 10 PC?

Your gaming laptop powered by Windows 10 can limp if it doesn’t access a strong and stable internet connection. The truth is that your ordinary wireless router might not be sufficient to fuel your Windows 10 gaming PC.

Should you lean towards a gaming router, then? You might wonder how a gaming router can eliminate the laggy mess and give you superior speed. Gaming routers are designed to increase internet speed and optimize your gaming experience. 

Let’s see what a gaming router can do with a Windows 10 PC.

6 Things a Gaming Router Can Do

Gaming routers are supported by high-end hardware, such as more RAM and a faster CPU. Thus, gaming routers can smoothen out your device’s streaming and gaming performance by offering the following features:

  • Light-blazing data transmission speeds
  • Minimised latency
  • Priority to gaming traffic
  • Granular control

Reportedly, the main difference between regular wireless and gaming routers is the QoS or Quality of Service controls. The advanced QoS controls let you optimize your home network. Hence, you can get flawless and free-from-lag gameplay.

In general, regular routers can’t determine differences between various internet traffic. They treat all traffic equally, so they send packets to every device when requested. However, this doesn’t happen with a gaming router.

A gaming router will always prioritize a user engaged in gaming activities rather than focusing on a user who streams Netflix or a similar platform. Therefore, a gaming router will take care of the gaming performance first.

Let’s check out what more a gaming router can do to enhance your gaming experience on a Windows 10 PC:

1. Faster Transfer Speeds

Gaming routers can handle more data faster than any regular router. A shared connection lets you get the best visual and audio output through a gaming router. 

Since a gaming router can tackle high-volume traffic, you can get minimum distractions while gaming even though you connect to a shared network. If you still struggle with the gaming speed, consider a hard-wired Ethernet connection from the gaming router.

2. Quality of Service Feature Guaranteed

As you already know, Quality of Service assists users with gauging how efficient the router hardware can be at eliminating disruptions. Therefore, users can avoid errors, especially while executing high-priority tasks that need sufficient bandwidth for stability.

QoS can determine choke points in your home network. In addition, the feature supervises how your router disburses the data packets among different network devices. You can also change traffic priority based on diverse inputs, network selection, and IP address.

On the other hand, you can switch to the 5GHz band for your gaming Windows 10 PC for optimum performance and speed. So, you can balance out different users’ needs using a gaming router. You can customize your gaming experience with a high-end gaming router.

3. Reduced Data Loss

Gaming routers can sort the internet traffic swiftly, allowing traffic to move seamlessly along the fastest path possible. Now, this helps minimize the data loss. Since data loss is directly proportional to the latency, you can expect a lag-free gaming experience from a gaming-specialized router.

4. Minimised Graphic and Audio Distortion

With a gaming router, your pathways or streaming connections stay clearer than a regular wireless router. As your gaming router won’t let the data packets get lost, you can experience superior-quality audio and visuals.

So, say goodbye to game stuttering or frozen visuals with a gaming router connected to your Windows 10 PC. QoS delivers performance accuracy to gaming devices; this hobby requires the highest fidelity and quality.

5. Better Coverage Area

Multi-user support is one of the most appreciated strengths of gaming routers. Typically, gaming routers provide excellent baseline performance for every user on the network. So, you can add more devices according to the compatibility.

In addition, gaming routers have some extra RAM and superior CPU to support high-end gaming and streaming applications. Due to advanced hardware, gaming routers can boost accessibility throughout your home.

So, gaming routers can deliver more efficient services, and you won’t have to stress about dead zones. Remember to check out how much different gaming routers can cover in terms of square feet before you pick one for an improved gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC.

6. More Security Promised

Even regular wireless routers offer built-in security features. So, why would you opt for a gaming router to amp up your gaming experience on a Windows 10 computer? Gaming routers have more regulated connection protocols along with integrated antivirus applications.

Since you might have to sneak into various websites and platforms for a smooth gaming interaction, you should level up the security of your home network. Hus, you can keep your devices out of online threats. Moreover, gaming routers can act as malware-repellant and restrict intrusive activities from harming your devices and the overall network.

Can You Really Improve the Speed and Performance of Gaming on a Windows 10 Computer?

Gaming routers can be a boon for optimizing and streamlining the overall gaming experience. However, changes in the speed and performance of gaming on a Windows 10 PC can vary from one instance to another.

For example, your regular router must provide reliable 5GHz band support and sufficient bandwidth. As a result, you might have experienced distorted audio and visuals. Moreover, you can face enough lags, hamper your gaming performance.

In the abovementioned situation, a gaming router can help you achieve what you seek. For instance, your Windows 10 gaming laptop or desktop can receive more high-volume traffic quickly, and the credit goes to the gaming router. The QoS feature can prioritize your gaming device and activities and add a sleek experience.

On the other hand, a gaming router can do nothing for the speed and performance of a Windows 10 PC if it lacks competent hardware. For example, your Windows 10 PC won’t deliver a smooth performance if it doesn’t have enough RAM, a strong CPU, and other gaming-compatible hardware.

Even if you get a gaming router, it will be a gimmick and useless. If you want to tune in your existing router’s performance, check whether your regular router allows you to tweak the QoS feature. After all, gaming routers are a few times more expensive than a standard one.

What else can You Do to Improve Your Gaming Experience?

Check the bandwidth you pay for and inquire if the speed test results don’t show the promised bandwidth or data transmission speeds. Make sure that you connect your Windows 10 gaming PC to a regular router using an ethernet cable. If these hacks don’t work and you have a pretty great gaming PC, you can opt for a gaming router.

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