Is It Safe to Use a Computer UPS for Your Wireless Router?

It is 100% safe to use a computer UPS for your router for uninterrupted power supplies – but certain factors need to be considered. For instance, you must check the UPS’s wattage before using it to power the computer and the router. 

A wireless router consumes an average of 80 Watts of power, and a computer consumes 30-70 Watts. Consider buying a UPS that provides at least 600 volt-ampere, it will be more than enough to run these two devices.

Additionally, you must check your router and computer UPS’s voltage rating. The router will turn off or display the red power light if the voltage rating doesn’t match. We recommend checking the user manual to find these details. Besides, you can contact the router or computer UPS manufacturer for additional support. 

Let’s find the requirements to use the computer UPS to power your Wi-Fi router:

Basic Requirements to Use a Computer UPS for Your Wireless Router

The electricity won’t flow inside the router after connecting it to the computer UPS. You must check the following points for a hassle-free power supply:

1. Combine Your Router and Computer’s Power Requirements

Different computers and routers have different power requirements. Gaming computers use 200-500 watts of electricity. If you use a PC for 8 straight hours, it will use 12.2 kilowatts of electricity monthly. On the other hand, modern Wi-Fi routers use only 10 watts of electricity. 

You must check the router and computer’s power usage specifications listed on the manufacturer’s website. These details are also mentioned on the product labels and user manual. Add your Wi-Fi router and PC’s power requirements to determine the power capacity you need for the UPS.

2. Check the UPS’s Condition

Ensure your computer UPS is working properly without glitches before using it for the Wi-Fi router. Look for signs of wear and tear on this power source. If the UPS is old or faulty, consider replacing it with a new one. 

Additionally, you must check the UPS indicator lights to see if it is operating normally. Do you see a red light on your computer UPS? It indicates something is wrong with the device and needs immediate expert attention.

Sometimes, your UPS might turn off after 10-20 minutes. Usually, it occurs due to a damaged battery or manufacturing defects. Check the router manual to replace these faulty UPS parts, or contact a professional for the ultimate assistance. 

3. Voltage Compatibility

It is another factor you must consider when using the computer UPS for your wireless router. Routers operate on 120V in most houses, but regional differences might exist. Thus, verify your Wi-Fi router and UPS’s voltage before the setup. Voltage incompatibility can cause power issues, reducing the router’s lifespan.

4. Check Your Computer UPS’s Runtime Capability

Check its runtime capability if you want to use the computer UPS to power the router. Runtime refers to how long the UPS can provide electricity to the connected devices when power cuts off. 

However, the runtime can vary depending on the router’s power consumption and computer UPS’s capacity. Note that using your PC and the Wi-Fi router simultaneously can reduce the UPS’s runtime. So, consider using only one device to increase the runtime during a power outage. 

5. Configure Your Wi-Fi Router’s Settings

Manufacturers like Asus include power-saving features on the wireless router. When these features are enabled, your router will turn off after a few minutes or hours or go to Sleep mode. 

Thus, check the router’s power settings from the mobile app or the web interface to disable the energy-saving modes. It will ultimately help you to use the computer UPS for the wireless router without interruptions. 

How to Connect Your Computer UPS to the Wi-Fi Router?

Many computer UPS have multiple outlets which can be used for other devices. Find the right outlet for your wireless router. Insert the router’s power socket into the computer UPS’s outlet. Switch on the power source and press the UPS power button.

When it turns on, you will hear a beep sound from the computer UPS. Now, check your Wi-Fi router’s indicator lights. If the power LED isn’t blinking and is static, you have successfully connected the UPS with the router. However, the red power light indicates the router isn’t receiving sufficient power supply. 

Additionally, you must update the router’s firmware before connecting it to the computer UPS. Sometimes, out-of-date firmware can cause power issues when connected to a UPS. Access the manufacturer’s website to check if an update is available for the router. 

What if the Computer Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is Faulty?

The router will turn on and off repeatedly if your computer UPS is faulty. Do you see an amber caution light or symbol on the unit’s display? It indicates internal battery failure. Replace the damaged computer UPS battery and then connect the Wi-Fi router.

Never plug the router’s power socket into the UPS if it has a bulging chassis. It could damage the connected devices, increasing the repair costs. Moreover, a damaged computer’s UP will turn off during a power outage. So, check these signs before connecting your Wi-Fi router with the computer’s UPS. 

Best UPS for Your Wireless Router 

You can use the internet on your computers or laptops during a power cut using a UPS. It also protects the Wi-Fi routers from short circuit or high voltage fluctuations. Here are we have mentioned the top-selling UPS that you must use for your router:


If you are looking for a compact and lightweight UPS for your router, Artis AR-MINIDC-3 is the perfect choice. It has an 8800mAh battery, providing 8 hours of power backup. Additionally, you can power your laptop and other networking devices using this Artis UPS. AR-MINIDC-3 UPS is compatible with all 9V and 12V routers with 2A/1A/1.5A input requirements.

Starwatt 5V Mini UPS

The Startwatt 5V Mini UPS provides 3-10 hours of power backup on Wi-Fi routers, cameras, and biometric systems. There are 3 power outlets in this UPS – 5V, 9V, and 12 V. Thus, you can power 3 routers simultaneously in Startwatty 5V Mini UPS outlets. 

It features an internal battery management system to charge the built-in battery while powering the routers. Starwatt 5V Mini UPS instantly switches to the battery mode when the power connection is restored. So, buy this mini UPS and avoid unwanted conference call drops or internet loss issues while working from home.

UPS for Your Wi-Fi Router – Budget-Friendly Options in 2023

You can go for Luminous LMU1202, it takes less than 60 minutes for a complete recharge. It can power your Wi-Fi router for 4 hours during a power outage. Moreover, setting up this UPS is straightforward and can be completed within a minute.

Talentcell Mini UPS is another option worth conserving to power your router. It has a 27,000 mAh battery and 4 power outlets. Hence, using this UPS, you can charge two routers and two USB devices simultaneously. So, choose the best UPS for your Wi-Fi router and access the internet during a power cut. 

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