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AMCPlus.Com/Activate — What is it & How to Use it Different Streaming Devices?

AMC Plus is a paid subscription plan which lets you stream on-demand movies. With this online streaming service, you can watch the latest episodes of the shows. It includes popular TV channels, like IFC Films, Shudder and Sundance Now. AMC Plus features TV series like “Mad Men” on the Smart TVs. Moreover, the AMC Plus subscribers can stream online content on smartphones. Do you use an Xbox game controller? to access the online streaming services. Moreover, this subscription plan is also available as an add-on channel on Apple TV. 

The Windows desktop users can also access the AMC Plus website for media streaming. Or, you can install the AMC Plus app on Android or iOS devices. There are different AMC Plus subscription plans for different devices. Choose an affordable monthly plan to enjoy your favorite shows or movies.

Is there an AMC Plus Free Trial Plan available for the Users?

Only the new subscribers can claim the seven-day free trial AMC plus plan. And, you need to sign in to the account from AMC Plus website to avail the benefits. Amazon Prime TV users can stream their favorite movies for free on AMC Plus for one week.

One-week free trials are also available for Smart TV users. And, this includes Apple TV, Roku TV and Amazon Firestick TV. Did you install the AMC Plus app on the Xfinity TV? Then, you won’t get the free trial of AMC Plus.

Where can You Subscribe to AMC Plus?

To watch AMC PLus’s content, you need to choose a subscription plan through the website. Moreover, the users can get the subscription from a third-party platform, like Sling TV. Though AMC offers a mobile app streaming, you can’t purchase a new subscription from there. 

Besides, you can subscribe to AMC Plus as an add-on using the following streaming services:

  • Comcast Xfinity
  • The Roku Channel
  • Dish
  • DirecTV
  • Sling TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube TV

Which TV Shows and Movies You can watch from the AMCPlus.Com/Activate Website?

After the AMC Plus activation, you can stream every season of the latest series. Additionally, the subscribers can watch popular TV shows like “The Walking Dead”. 

Do you want to binge-watch the episodes of “The North Water”? Open the AMC Plus website or app to get the subscription immediately. 

Here are a few top-rated TV shows that you can watch from this streaming platform:

  • Rectify
  • Spy City
  • Portlandia
  • Killing Eve
  • Gangs of London
  • Ultra City Smiths
  • Better Call Saul
  • A Discovery of Witches

And, the popular movies you can stream from AMC Plus include:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Heathers
  • A League of Their Own
  • Sicario
  • Boyhood
  • 21 Jump Street

Can You Access the Live AMC Channel with the AMC Plus Plan?

AMC Plus doesn’t include the AMC channels. If you need access to the AMC network, connect the Smart TV to a cable, and satellite. And, contact the live TV streaming provider to provide access to that station. This indicates that you can’t watch the behind-the-scenes content on AMC Plus.

How to Activate AMC Plus in the Different Streaming Platforms?

AMC Plus subscribers can get early access to the new AMC show’s episodes. Currently, you can watch new episodes from season 11 of “The Walking Dead”. And, that too one week before the series is broadcast on the AMC network. However, you need to activate the AMC plus plan from the smartphone, TV or gaming consoles. 

How to Subscribe to AMC Plus on the Roku Devices?

Turn on the Roku TV and press the remote’s “Home Button” to open the home screen. Use the Roku remote’s up and down arrow keys to select “Streaming Channels”. Navigate to “Channel Store” and go to the search box to write “AMC Plus”.

Go for “AMC PLus” from the searched results and press the Roku remote’s “OK” button afterwards. Additionally, you need to locate the “Add Channel” to install the AMC Plus app. Open the app after the installation and note down the “Activation code”. 

Open a web browser from the smartphone or PC. Head to the URL bar and write “AMCPlus.Com/Activate” and press the Enter key. Enter a valid email address, password and activation code. Tap on “Continue” to activate the AMC Plus service on the Roku devices. 

How to Subscribe to AMC Plus on Amazon Fire TV?

Go to Amazon Fire TV’s home screen and move towards its “Main Menu”. Locate the search box and write “AMC Plus” there. Choose the latest app version and tap on “Get” to install it on the Android TV. And, then, open the app and check the activation code number. 

Moreover, the subscribers need to access the AMC Plus site. Open a browser from any wireless device and write “AMCPlus.Com/activtae” in the address bar. Press the “search” icon or Enter key to open the site.

Wait until the web page reloads and enter the correct AMC Plus activation code. Now, you can watch unlimited content from the AMC site or the mobile app. However, if the app isn’t showing any content, check the Wi-Fi connection. Restart the Firestick TV and recess the app to fix the issue.

How to Subscribe to AMC Plus from an Apple TV?

If you want to stream AMC Plus content from an Apple TV, open the App Store. And, then look for the AMC Plus app from there. Once you get the app, opt for “Get” to install it on the smart device. 

Enter the Apple ID when prompted, then open the AMC Plus app. Additionally, you need to find out the activation code when the app opens. Open the Safari browser from an iPhone or iPad and write “AMCPlus.Com/activate”. 

Provide the Apple ID and passcode when the new web page opens. And, write the AMC Plus activation code and click “Continue” to watch your favorite TV series. 

Fail to login into the AMC Plus account? Then, you might enter an incorrect Apple ID or password. Check the Apple TV’s login details once to avoid login issues.

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