Did you Receive Heroku router at=error code=h10? How to Fix it with Ease?

Heroku router has sophisticated software that helps you to regulate and manipulate the device. No matter how interactive the built-in application is, it is not free from bugs and errors. A few users have reported about getting the Heroku router at=error code=h10 while the router is running at its full potential. So, in order to fix the issue, you must dig deeper. 

The line of codes of the Heroku router application has alphanumeric embedded programming. So, the error code ranges from H10 to H99. R10 to R99 and L10 to L15. There are obvious reasons behind the issue—the bugs in the new updated files and firmware, improper assignment of port variables and many more. 

Go Through the Solutions 

All the solutions mentioned below will help you fix Heroku router at=error code=h10. If possible, you may have to write some codes. Try to do it carefully as instructed. 

Solution 1: Remove Bugs 

When you update the router firmware, the improper configuration in the new firmware leads to the miscommunication of several codes in the Heroku router application. In addition, wrong server files that arrive through the internet connection are also responsible for the issue. Navigate to the system files of the installed application. Open the server files with the .js extension. Check for the semi-colons. Let’s pick up an example. “Web : reference index.js” is wrong. “Web: reference index.js” is correct.

Solution 2: Setup an Automatic Environment Variable Port

It seems that from the beginning, the port is manually set. That is why the router app crashed with the Heroku router at=error code=h10. The automatic port that is configured by the router is “process.env.PORT”. So, you can easily understand that setting up the port will eventually crash the application. Navigate to the Command Prompt and type “heroku run printenv”. This will reset the existing variable. After that, restart the router to assign variables automatically. 

Solution 3: Get the Required Environment Variable

Just like the previous one, the mandatory environment variable will also be initialised by the router application. If the application cannot retrieve the required environment variable, then the Heroku router at=error code=h10 can take place. So, the only straightforward way to get the required variable is by removing the Heroku router application. Restart the router, and you have to re-install the application once again; this will initiate all the required variables from scratch. 

Solution 4: Bring Back the Required Scripts 

The required scripts can be missing from the network device’s application .js extension files. Thus, the Heroku router at=error code=h10 takes place. This script is very important. When you start the router, and it’s an application, the router uses this script to communicate with the network. Don’t worry, and you don’t have to write any line of code. To get back the desired script automatically, run the Command Prompt. Now, start the script by typing:

“Scripts”: {

   “Start”: “node index.js”


Press the Enter key to start the script. After that, close the command prompt and restart the router application. The error code will not occur again. 

Solution 5: Update all the Heroku Router App Packages

The app packages will only get their latest version when you update the firmware. Check the support page and download the firmware package file. After the successful installation of the firmware, you have to restart the device in order to make the changes effective. Furthermore, check for any additional packages that you need to install. Follow the instructions given on the support page. 

Did you Get the Latest Heroku App?

The latest version always plays a crucial role, no matter what application you use. It might happen that you are trying the above solutions, but none of them is working. A few users have reported this type of experience. Check on the Heroku official website for the latest app and firmware version. If you see that the developing organisation has already launched a new version, download and install it at once. Who can tell? The Heroku router at=error code=h10 code will eventually disappear after an update to the latest version of the Heroku app. 

Reset the Router, Necessary or Not?

Not necessarily. If all the above solutions work and the Heroku router at=error code=h10 eliminates, you don’t have to reset the router. Try to perform the solutions carefully as they are involved with average coding concepts. If the error is not fixed, you may opt for the reset procedure of the Heroku router. For hardware faults, visit the Heroku service center for further assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is error code H10 in heroku?

If you forget to set start script in Node. js environment, you’ll get this error. This script is used by Heroku to start your app, therefore if it’s missing, it’ll throw an H10-App crashed error code.

How do I read heroku errors?

To see the last 100 lines of your logs, simply use heroku logs. Heroku stores only the last 1500 lines of logs, which you can access via heroku logs -n 1500. Check out Heroku add-ons like Logentries or Papertrail if you need more logging. 
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