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How To Set Up Your D-Link Router Easily (

D-Link router is one of the most convenient devices that accomplishes multiple functions of a wireless access point. This device is usually used to render access to the network or a personal computer network. It has a useful setup wizard that will help the users walk through the router configuration easily. In order to execute the D-Link router setup, users require to follow the instructions that are mentioned below. 

Step Wise Instructions for D-Link Router Setup

To execute the D-Link setup, users need to connect their device to the modem, connect a machine to the network and run the Setup Wizard. In order to learn the entire process in a detailed manner, carry out these instructions underneath.

Instruction 1: Try to Connect your D-Link Device to the Modem

First and foremost, take the power adapter that comes with the router. Now, try to connect one end of the power adapter to the router and another end to the power strip or wall outlet. Afterward, run the Ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port available on the D-Link device. 

Generally, this port is yellow-colored in order to separate it from the other Ethernet ports. But, in some D-Link router models like D-Link 624 and D-Link 524, the WAN port comes up in black color.

Moreover, the D-Link DSL 2640T device comes up with a built-in DSL modem. However, rather than attaching the system to any other modem with the help of the Ethernet cable, you require to attach a phone cord from the phone jack to the DSL port on the back of the D-Link 2640T router. Wait unless the Power and WAN status light start to blink. 

Instruction 2: Connect your Machine to the Network

Go through these instructions undermentioned in order to connect your machine to the network.

Steps for Wired Connection

  • Initially, attach an Ethernet cord to the Ethernet port on your machine and to one of the Ethernet ports on the D-Link router.
  • Utilize any of the Ethernet ports available but except the WAN which must be connected to the modem.

Steps for Wireless Connection

  • Head over to the “System Tray” and look for the “Network” icon.
  • From the appeared menu, hit the “Network” icon and choose the network that belongs to your router.
  • In the next step, you need to enter the Network key or password that is mentioned in the configuration card that comes up with the D-Link device.
  • Once you are done, proceed to tap on the “Connect” button in order to meet the network in the correct manner.

Instruction 3: Configure the D-Link Device Properly

In order to configure the D-Link device in the correct manner, run the Setup Wizard and enjoy the smooth wireless connection of the D-Link device with ease.

Step 1: 

Initially, launch the default web browser and enter the accurate IP address of the D-Link router inside the address bar. For D-Link 624 and D-Link 524 router models, the IP address is For certain D-Link router models including the D-Link 2604T, the IP address is

Step 2: 

In this step, mention the Username and Security key. Hit the “OK” button from the appeared menu in order to proceed further. Until stated otherwise on the instructions mentioned that arrive with the configuration card of the D-Link device, the Username is defined as “Admin”. For the AirPlus Xtreme including the D-Link 624 and D-Link 524 router models, the security key should be left blank. For the D-Link  2640T, the security key must be Admin. Moreover, on some D-Link models, the security key is Password.

Step 3:  

Begin the Setup Wizard in order to start the configuration of the D-Link router. Navigate to “Run Wizard” or hit the “Next” button. The device selects most of the basic settings automatically for your connection type. If you promoted a series of questions in order to complete the configuration, then you have to answer all the questions accurately.

Step 4: 

When you are done with the above instructions, a new window will come up on the screen. Now, select the “Radial” key that is just next to the connection type. Generally, the cable modem users should opt for the DHCP until they need a static IP address, in such cases, you need to choose the “Static” from the result-oriented window. 

Step 5: 

The ADSL and DSL users should opt for the PPPoE. If you select the PPPoE, then you will be asked to enter the Username and Security key. Therefore, mention the Username and Security key that is provided by your internet service provider and hit the “Next” option to proceed further.

Step 6:

Here, you should enter a new Network Name and Security Key for the local wireless network. Keep in mind, the network name must be memorable and the security key you create must be a combination of symbols and letters which are recallable for you however, tough for others to guess. Proceed to click on the “Next” button to continue the process.

Step 7: 

Now, hit the drop-down menu in order to expand it. Choose the “Time Zone” and hit the “Next” tab to complete the entire setup process. Furthermore, you need to save the recently made router configurations by tapping on the “Save” button. Next, choose the “Restart” button from the setup screen. 

Step 8: 

Once your router is powered on, you will notice the WAN and the Internet status light start to blink. Now, you will be able to connect your machine to your wireless network.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I Reset my D-Link Router?


Primarily, power on the D-Link device and then try to locate the “Reset” button. After you locate the “Reset” button, press it for around 30 seconds. Now, the router is automatically rebooted. Therefore, the restoration of standard settings is completed successfully.


  • How do I Modify the WiFi Name and Password?


In order to change the Wi-Fi name and password, you need to locate and select the “Menu” icon that is present in the upper-left corner of the display screen. Afterward, head over to the “Internet” section and choose the option titled “Wireless Gateway”. In the next step, proceed to tap on the “change WiFi Settings” and enter the new Network Name and Password. In order to confirm the changes, you need to choose the “Apply” button as well as the “OK” button.


  • Why is my WiFi Not Working?


In order to recognize the router issues, try to connect any other device like your smartphone to the wireless network and review whether it works or not. If you notice that the internet does not work on other devices as well, then the issue might be with the router or with the connection itself. One of the best ways to resolve the router related issues is to restart the device. 


  • How do you Bypass a Login Password?


On your computer, press the combination of the Windows logo + R key. It will launch the Run window. After accessing the Run window, write “ netplwiz “ inside the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key in order to execute the command in the correct manner. 

Afterward, when the User Account dialog box comes up on the screen, choose the User from the appeared menu you want to log in to and look for the “Users must enter a user name and a password to use this computer” option. After locating this option, remove the tick mark from the checkbox to deselect the option. Save the recently made changes by hitting the “Apply” button as well as the “Yes” button.


  • How do I Delete a User Profile?


Attempt to login as different user administrator privileges. Launch the “Properties” window and head over to the “Advanced System Settings” that is located on the left side of the window. Further, initiate the Settings for User Profile and choose the profile you want to remove. Proceed to right tap on it and hit the “Delete” button from the appeared menu.

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