Best Router for Multiple Devices and Gaming?

When you talk about games there are many things that need to be kept under consideration.  When you play games online or on PS4 and Xbox, you need to have high-speed internet. Often at times, games have specially designed computer systems that require a high-speed internet connection. You need to have a router that supports your internet connection and lets you use the true internet speeds.

Before jumping towards the best router for multiple devices and games let us tell you that you can make a call of spectrum customer service to find out about the highest internet speed that you can get at your address, they offer up to 1 Gig internet which is the highest internet speed through this speed you can easily play all your favorite games anytime. When you get 1 gig high internet speed, you will surely not face any speed lag issues while playing your favorite games.

Let us list down some top-rated routers that you can use with your internet to make the best out of your internet services. When you buy your own router, you save an ample amount of money that you otherwise pay in the form of a monthly rental equipment fee. You can invest in your own router to avoid any internet speed issues and save some extra bucks too. We do want to save money at the end of the day, right?

The best options for routers that will enhance your internet speed:

Asus RT AC860:

This is a very famous router that has a speed of 802.11 ac: 1734 Mbps 802.11 N: 450 Mbps. It has amazing connectivity of 4X Ethernet, 1x USB 2.0, and 1x USB 3.0. You get some amazing features such as MU-MIMO, Ai Disk, Adaptive QoS, and also WTFast gamers private network. The price of this router is around $169 only. You may easily find this router for multiple devices on Amazon and order it at any time you want. It offers an amazing range through which you can connect multiple devices with your internet and it has a special game base that is pre-installed through which you can have an amazing gaming experience. Though we do understand that it might sound a little pricy when you invest in something you look for future benefits, you will eventually be able to save more by buying your own router.

Lets us mention the second-best option for your own router.

Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600

This is an amazing router that has a fast speed of 2167 Mbps and 802.11n: 800 Mbps it also allows you to have connectivity that includes 4 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x WAN, 1 x USB 2.0, and 1 x USB 3.0. You get amazing features with this router that is often not offered by other router provider companies, it gives you MU MIMO Support, Streams boost dual-core 1.7 GHz processor, 512 GB RAM, Zyxel one-touch App-based setup. All these amazing features come along with this router and it will cost you around $249. The best part is that you will be getting features that are not usually included in any router.

Choose Spectrum Internet and get their own router:

You might be thinking why are we mentioning Spectrum here right? Well, because you can get the highest possible internet speed with them and that too on discounted rates. You can visit “” to find out the Spectrum customer service page and number. When you make a call, mention your accurate address so the customer service rep will find out the exact information for you. If you are addicted to games, then Spectrum is the best option because it is a broadband provider that will allow you to get 1 GIG internet with an unlimited data plan at a discounted rate of $100 per month. You will not find such an amazing offer anywhere else. They do give you complete freedom to customize your plan. Do you know what a custom plan means? Well, you get to choose the internet speed of your choice along with the option to either have their FREE MODEM and a Wi-Fi router that costs $5 on monthly basis or simply use your own equipment.

Due to COVID outbreak Spectrum is currently shipping the equipment to your doorstep. Their own router works fine with their internet connection. The Wi-Fi range is also amazing with 1 Gig internet you will not face interruptions while playing your games or even while working or watching your favorite shows. This router for multiple devices also gives you the freedom to upgrade and downgrade your internet speed according to your requirement and keep the internet services for as long as you may like. With this internet speed, you will definitely enjoy your gaming experience and if you are not satisfied you always have an option to buy your own personal router.

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