7 Outstanding Things About Google WiFi That You Must Know

While watching your favorite shows, you often face connectivity errors due to WiFi problems. Due to this, you can’t play videos smoothly or it ends up showing Connection timed out error. In most cases, a poor Internet connection is responsible for this. 

Fortunately, Google has introduced some unique features by designing its WiFi router. It’s attractive looks and blazing performance helped it to rank amongst the leading router brands. 

There are many excellent features that you can explore in the Google WiFi router. Here, we will discuss the seven most marvelous features of Google WiFi that you must know. 

Features of Google WiFi 

Amongst all the features of Google WiFi, seven of its best are given below in detail. 

  • Easy to Install

The installation process of Google WiFi is a lot easier to perform compared to all other router devices. You just need to switch on your device and it will automatically download its default application along with pointing the QR code. After that, a prompt message will appear, asking you to enter the connection name and password. 

  • Better Network Coverage

Many experts suggest that they have tested the Google WiFi router and found the device has excellent network coverage at every corner of the house. They also observed that the network speed gradually deteriorates as they moved far away from the device. 

  • Security Access for Children 

Google WiFi router has a feature that can restrict a few devices, which want to connect to it. You can set a limited usage for a particular device that can access the Internet for a certain period. 

You can also block the mobile or computer devices that belong to your children from accessing the wireless network. With the assistance of “Google WiFi help”, you can easily restrict the Internet when you are not along with them. 

  • Set Device Priority

This is an exclusive feature present in the Google WiFi router. You can set priorities to the wireless connection that you are using on a certain device for a limited time. 

Sometimes, you may wish to watch something on your mobile or computer by activating it in the same wireless network. To do so, you can pick up a certain portion of the bandwidth from the network and then set your device as its priority. 

  • Hide Network Password from Guests

Whenever you want to share your home network with any guest, you must not disclose your password. Hence, creating a “Guest” network can be a good idea to share your network access to some specific devices. All these changes are done with the help of the Google WiFi Support application. 

  • Check Network Usage for Each Device

When more than one devices are active in the wireless network, you must check the bandwidth allotted to them. This will help you to gather information about how much of your data is consumed. If the quota exceeds its limit, you may have to pay extra charges for it. 

  • Unique and Improved Design

The present-day devices look stylish and superior to traditional routers. Compared to all other routers, Google WiFi router has a unique and sleek design. Its shape is round and can fit anywhere in your home.

It is a registered benchmark product from Google. Hence, any other router manufacturers cannot copy their design while manufacturing their devices. 

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