A logo by Turbologo  is a symbol or a small design adopted by any organisation to identify its product.

It may seem like something trivial but it is very important as one simple eye-catching logo has the power to bring the attention of people. And that’s why companies or start-ups have directed their attention on having the kind of logo that can represent them, and that’s why it has become a type of style statement, a symbol that could tell about the firm as much as they could.

Let’s see some of the major characteristics of logos.

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Relevant
  • Timeless
  • Versatile

Complicating a logo will steal away the whole purpose of designing one. We need to keep it simple, make sure the design is catchy and retains in the memory of those who see it. A beautiful logo but irrelevant to the product is of no use and as it is going to forever represent that brand, it needs to be timeless. Last but not least, the versatility of the logo helps it to be used in any way, it can be shrunk, printed and can be recognised easily.


1) LINE ART- this is refreshing and an elegant way to denote the brand. With so many vibrant colours outside, the simple line art has started drawing more attention. It is versatile and timeless as its simplicity makes it a notch up than others.

2) TYPOGRAPHY- In designing a logo, Fonts play as important a role as the icon in it. one can derive many meanings from the artistic fonts used for a flower shop or the formal, bold ones used for constructing firm. we can easily understand the difference and know that one requires softness whereas the other needs something strong as to suit the brand they’re representing.

3) BROKEN BOX – It is a common way where the interrupted box surrounds what we can call as the brand’s name. From one of the side, we can see the name or the motto meticulously typed focussing on the simplicity of it.

4) SWOOSHES- The circular ring around the name of the brand is what we call as swooshes. It works both ways as that design may add beauty to the logo or may even look unnecessary. It depends on the need of decorating your logo with a swoosh and adding to the beauty meanwhile making sure you don’t clutter everything up.

5) CONNECTING THE DOTS- This is one of the cool trends where the design of the logo consist of lines and dots which make it more catchy by logo maker,  gives it a beautiful design and makes it stand out.

We saw how some logos can be made. Simply by choosing the right Font, we can keep it simple, not always icons are required. But, when it comes to having an icon that is representing your brand, you can be as creative as it gets just make sure to keep it minimalistic. We also learnt that even a combination of both, an icon and the name of the brand or its motto can be put together in a logo and the brand can be well defined. and we also saw some ways of designing both together through line art or putting them in an interrupted box. we can make sure space is properly utilised and the colour combination used for design works with our logo. Talking of colours, though the right combination that suits the icon and typographic letters can be understood by basics but don’t forget the Black and White combination never gets old.

Mario C. Morrissey
Mario C. Morrissey
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