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5 Best Internet Providers in 2020

It seems that you have recently moved to a new place. But in order to work and stay connected with your friends and family, you need an internet connection. So, a common question will obviously come to your mind, what is the best internet provider? Just visit the nearest cable operator shop and ask them regarding the information about internet services. If they provide you with a leaflet or a flyer, go through it very carefully. In the advertisement, you will see the cost of the plan, bandwidth, upload and download speed, and others. 

In addition to that, also make sure about the installation charges. After knowing all the detailed information, accept services that fulfil your requirement and budget. 

Things to Consider 

As you have taken your decision to opt for an internet connection, it doesn’t mean that you can opt for any random service. You need to know about certain aspects that will help you in knowing the benefits of the service as well. 

1.The particular way to get the connection

Each and every ISP has its own methods to provide an internet connection. So, the ISP that you choose will obviously have their own way of providing the connection. All you need to do is to provide a photocopy of your ID proof and address proof. Provide all these documents to the local cable operator and wait for a few hours. 

2.Confirmation of wireless internet access

After getting the connection, make sure that you can also use it wirelessly. So, talk to the ISP about getting a wireless facility. If they tell you to get a router, always try to purchase a good one. After that, ask them to configure it. This will help you to know about the best internet provider to provide a wireless internet facility. 

3.Know about the restricted contents 

When you are having kids at home, then it is obvious that certain sites must be restricted at any cost. So, before availing of the connection, ask them whether the connection that you are opting for has this facility or not. In addition to that, this type of restrictions will also help you to keep the system safe from unauthorized intruders. 

The Best Global ISP

Now, it is time to know about some of the good internet service providers. Tech experts always suggest that you must choose one of the top ISPs who has a good reputation with their services amongst the people. Prices and installation changers might vary from location to location and also depending upon the environmental conditions. 


It is one of the most well-known internet, cable TV, and telephone service providers of the world. It is also quite popular in the USA, Europe, Dubai, Asia and other parts of the world. The download speeds of internet connection are near about 2 GBps. The plans are considered reasonable and there are also no-contract plans in the monthly rates of the service. 


Etisalat is also a famous internet service provider in the UAE. Especially in Dubai, it has gained the most popularity. The plans of this ISP starts from 10 MBps bandwidth. If you are living in Dubai and want to know what is the best internet provider? Then, Etisalat will be the perfect service for you. The monthly plans are very cheap and you can afford it very easily. There are also eLife premium packages if you are running a business organization. 

3.Century Link 

This internet connection is very much beneficial for running your business. The service of Century link is scattered around the world in approximate 50+ countries. If you analyze the bandwidth, then you will come to know that this ISP has more than 70 TBps of the entire throughput. The onnet and offnet access solutions are more famous in the continental parts of USA, Europe, UAE, and Asia. 


dU is one of the leading ISP in the entire UAE. As Dubai is one of the most crowded places in the entire nation, it has gained its popularity over there. If you hear such questions like what is the best internet provider in Dubai, then you can suggest people about this ISP. Beginning from the Starter packages to the ultimate one, the prices are affordable. But, the charges also include VATS and service taxes included. 

5.Verizon Fios Home Internet 

Verizon’s Fios internet connection is entirely built with optical fiber. Most of the experts say that the starting speed of the fiber optics or optical fiber connection has the starting speed of 1GBps. It is considered as the best editor’s choice in the month of September 2020. The plans startup from 200 MBps and stretch up to 2GBps. The charges of the plans are a bit costly, but the ISP will not at all compromise in terms of speed. 

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There are also various connections that will grant you the facility for landline telephone services. And, those are DSL connections and they are not as fast as the fibre optics. That is why it is better to ask which is the best internet provider. Whereas, you need to choose an ISP that has faster upload and download speeds, as well as good connection stability. Regarding the wireless connection, if the ISP gives you the router free of cost, then avail of it. If not, then buy it from somewhere else. 

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