Default IP Router Login [Complete Guidance]

The is the default login IP address, reserved for specific modems and routers. On the other hand, it is also the private IP address that people use in their home network. Well-known router manufacturing companies use this IP address as their router’s default login. 

This address will help you in configuring the router. Most of the time, people take the assistance of a network professional. But, sometimes it’s not always possible. That is why it’s better to understand and know the entire process. Don’t worry, it’s not that tough or complicated. Just go through the points given below:

Understanding the Login Page 

The login page is the network as well as the router management page. With the help of this page, you can easily configure your router as per your requirement. In addition to that, the login page will also give you all the detailed information about all the network and router settings. Every router has its own desired management page. But, the user interface, the common network may differ in terms. 

The Configuration Process 

Of course, a mobile phone, tablet or computer is mandatory. According to the experts, the computer will be more convenient. If you have brought a new router, then as usual you have to unpack it and check whether all the desired accessories are in perfect condition or not. After that power up the router. 

In the case of a laptop, turn on the wireless network to detect the router. If you are using a desktop computer, then a LAN cable is required to establish the connection between the router and the desktop computer. A good quality LAN cable comes with the router. Connect one end of the cable to the highlighted WAN port of the router and the other end to the LAN port of the PC.

Now, locate the IP address, usually written on the label in the router. Open your computer’s default browser, type the address in the address bar. After pressing the Enter key, it will take you to the login page. Just click on the Login button and you will be able to access the management page easily. 

Now, you need to know whether you are using a static or a dynamic IP address. In the case of static IP, the network IP address will be configured automatically. It’s just the opposite, in the case of the dynamic IP. Make sure you have all the network credentials with you, by accessing the network settings tab. 

Assigning a Name and Password 

How can you identify your router? It is not always possible to remember the router model number as it is the default name of the device. So, you need to assign a name. Open the management page and find out the General Settings tab. There you can find out the blank space with the option named SSID. Below the SSID option, there is a space for assigning the password. 

Facing Issues with the Router?

When the router is facing any error, you need to take the help of and access its management page to figure out the reason. Apart from that, there are also other ways, too. The first one is rebooting the router, it can eliminate all types of network congestions and data packet loss. If this process doesn’t work, then the last and final procedure will be to reset the router. 

Grab a paper clip or a pen. Locate the reset button, usually at the backside of the router. Press and hold the reset button for about 8 to 10 seconds, using the pin. The LED lamps of the device will flash once. The reset process will roll back all the functions and settings of the device to its factory condition. After that, follow all the configuration processes as given above to reconfigure the router according to your requirements. 

Take care of the Router 

You must remember the router’s default IP address which is Now, you must realize why you are purchasing a router. If you are into heavy gaming, then the standard router, available in the market, is not for you. There are gaming routers available, buy them. 

If you are willing to do ordinary tasks like streaming, uploading and downloading, then the standard routers are just enough. You need to have a security application to protect your system as well as the network. If any malicious files affect the firmware, then you will not be able to access the router management page with the IP address. 

Always try to update the router’s firmware whenever any update is available. The outdated firmware might bring complications to the router functionalities. Apart from that, you can also use a VPN to secure your network. In general, a router can perform at its best when a limited number of devices are connected to it. If necessary, you can also restrict the download to some devices to prevent extreme network congestion.  

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