Viasat Login and Account Management (Satellite Broadband)

Viasat is a USA-based satellite broadband communication service. It deals with products that can secure your home network and wireless communication used in the army and other business provinces. 

Apart from broadband, Viasat also offers network devices like modem, wireless router, Gigabit Ethernet routers, voice adapters, and other products. But, when it comes to configuring the router, you can’t do it without Viasat WiFi Gateway User Interface.

Here, you will know about the login procedure to access the Viasat router setup page. 

We will also cover the problems that you can face while configuring and logging into the Viasat router. 

How to Login to Viasat Router?

Here are the steps which will help you to carry out the Viasat router login process. We will also provide you the steps to configure the router. 

But before following the steps, make sure that your network SSID and password are present with you. Otherwise, look at the back or side of the router to obtain these login details. 

  • Turn on your Viasat router and your computer. After setting up the modem, keep the device IP address handy, which is “”. Now open your web browser and type the IP address in the URL bar and press Enter.
  • While the page loads, wait for some time until the login screen appears. Now you need to enter the username and password, which is “admin” for both. Then click on the “Login” button.
  • We hope you will successfully log in to the router webpage if the credentials are correct. Now enter the network credentials like IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS, etc. 
  • After that, select your wireless network name and create a strong password with a combination of various characters for security reasons. 
  • Now click on “OK” and restart your router. The restarting procedure will turn on the device after saving the changes that you have made. 

We hope that you have successfully configured and logged in to your Viasat router. Now you can also connect both of your wireless and wired devices to the router and surf with ease. 

However, you can also face a few problems while logging into your router’s setup page. So, let’s proceed to the next section to know more about the problems and the solutions.

What if You Come Across Viasat Router Login Problems?

When you are facing certain network issues with your router, reboot the device and see whether the problem persists or not. If the problem remains the same, you need to reset the router. 

To reset your router, find the reset button that is present at the side or the back of the router. Take a straightened paper clip or a pen, then press and hold the button with it for near about 30 seconds. 

Now, release the button and wait for the device to restart on its own. Thereafter, configure the device with the steps given above. Make sure that you set a different password while proceeding with the Viasat login. 

If you still face network issues, then you must detach your networking wire and follow the points which are given below. 

  • Turn off your computer and unplug the router from it. Then you must unplug the modem from the electric supply. 
  • Take out the Ethernet cable from your computer and also from the modem. But don’t detach the cable that is connected to the router and modem. 
  • Wait for some time and then turn on the modem as well as your computer. Then re-connect the router and open any web browser to check if the problem persists.

There is some additional information that you must know about Viasat routers before configuring it. They are present in the next section.

What to Expect from Viasat Wireless Router After Successful Login?

All the additional information about the Viasat wireless router is given here. Go through all the points which are given below and you will understand the benefits after logging in. 

  • The Viasat router offers dual-band frequency at a clock rate of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, which you can select as per requirement.
  • It supports WiFi  protocols like IEEE 802.11a,b,g,n. 
  • When it comes to security, it will provide you the wireless security modules like WPS, WEP, and WPA. 
  • It also has a special “Guest” network feature. This allows others to access your network and use the Internet connection without compromising your data. 
  • This router has basic parental controls that help you to regulate privacy features in the router.

You can also use the Viasat modem by connecting it to the telephone line and then to the WiFi router. This process will help you to use the Internet with the help of a satellite connection. 

By logging into this router and via Viasat WiFi Gateway User Interface, you can access your wireless network from laptops, mobiles, tablets, Televisions, and other devices as well. 

The router will work smoothly if you have a security camera inside your home as well. Besides, you can also explore active voice service with the help of the Viasat modem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reset my Viasat router password?

Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds when your Viasat router is powered on.
When the reset button is still pressed, disconnect the router power and hold the reset button for a further 30 seconds.

How do I access Edimax router settings?

Connect your laptop or computer with the router cable. Use your wireless network as an alternative…
Open your chosen web browser and enter your Edimax router IP address in the address bar.
Now enter your router’s default username and password through the manager panel.

Why can’t I connect to my router admin page?

You may be responsible for if you cannot reach the login page: A problem with hardwired connection setup (such as a bad Ethernet cable) Failure to enter the IP address. A computer IP address problem

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