Spectrum Internet Special Offers for the Year

Spectrum has been providing telecommunication services to millions of customers all around the United States since the merger of Time Warner and Bright House back in 2016 by Charter Communications. They have expanded their area coverage since that time and are now the second-largest internet service provider in the U.S, with services in almost 45 states. They offer connectivity over a network of hybrid fiber-coaxial cables, which ensures the reliability and consistency of their service.

Like all other ISPs, Spectrum also provides internet, cable TV, and voice plans and bundles that are customized in a way to suit most customer’s requirements. Their internet connectivity is outstanding because it is stable and the download speeds provided are exactly as advertised. Moreover, the amazing service is complemented by 24/7 Spectrum customer service that is there to assist you with spectrum internet special offers or in case of any issues.

Any internet service provider is as good as the service that it offers. If it doesn’t deliver or keep its word then it is bound to fail because of the immense market competition. Charter Spectrum packages are tailor-made in a way that most people will find something that will be according to their requirements and deliver everything they promise.

Spectrum’s Internet Plans

We’ll look at the perks that Spectrum offers but first, let’s highlight their internet plans with their prices:

  1. The standard plan is Spectrum Internet with speeds that go as high as 200 Mbps. The price per month is $49.99 with a price guarantee of 12 months.
  2. The second plan is the Spectrum Internet Ultra with download speeds up to 400-600 Mbps. The price is set at $69.99 per month for 12 months.
  3. The third plan is the Spectrum Internet Gig with super-fast speeds of up to 940 Mbps. The price for this plan is $109.99 per month for a 12 months tenure.

Spectrum’s Broadband Features

The most amazing feature that Spectrum offers is its steady plan pricing. The same price is offered for all plans regardless of where you are in the USA. This one factor gives Spectrum an edge over its competitors because Spectrum customers don’t have to worry in case they ever have to shift to another state within the country. There are never any price hikes just because your area or location is new. Other perks that customers can access include:

  • There are simply no contracts. You are never bound by Spectrum during the time of the service. You can cancel the connection without paying extra termination fees whenever you want. Just clear any outstanding dues like monthly bills or equipment charges and you’re good to go.
  • There is no limit on the data. You can download your favorite movies, stream your favorite titles and seasons, play heavy-duty online games without ever worrying about using up all the data. Multiple player online gaming sessions are possible and players will not feel any glitches during gameplay.
  • Spectrum internet speeds are just amazing as they allow multiple users to connect to one connection simultaneously. There is no buffering and because of the low-latency rate, there is no lag in the service. For bigger households with a plethora of devices and gadgets, Spectrum’s Gig-speed is the answer. Forget about delays and say hello to seamless connectivity at supreme speed.
  • That’s not all. You get a free internet modem with spectrum internet special offers plan and a security suite to protect your online presence as well as your connection from spyware and viruses. Now, isn’t this just amazing! According to FCC’s annual fixed broadband report, Spectrum appeared as the only ISP with speeds that were more than those that the company has advertised or listed. You get super-fast, reliable, and consistent service without compromises.
  • If you end up selecting one of Spectrum’s bundles instead of a standalone plan then you’re in for an awesome experience. The bundles are designed to give more while paying less. The prices for bundles are far less as compared to buying various plans separately. You can get high-speed internet, superb channel line-up, unlimited calls, and texts locally and nationwide.
  • Spectrum believes in providing optimum services to every citizen in the country. To make this possible, they have a wonderful option of Spectrum InternetTM Assist Program. If you qualify for the assistance program then you can get extremely affordable connectivity. The offered speed will be up to 30 Mbps, which is more than enough for all kinds of internet usage. Moreover, students and citizens above 60 can also avail of this option. Check out the Localcabledeals webpage for further help regarding the assistance program.

Let’s look at a few of the bundle packages that are offered by Spectrum to give you a hint of what you can experience if you choose Spectrum as your ISP:

  1. Spectrum Double Play Select costs $89.98 per month for 12 months. It offers speeds that go up to 200 Mbps now. They were up to 100 Mbps before but Spectrum has upgraded its services for the year 2021 so the lowest download speed offered is now 200 Mbps. There are more than 125 channels with free HD. DVR option is available and a free internet modem. Wireless speeds may differ from one location to another. There is no contract and the price is fixed for a year. There is free access to thousands of nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots and you can watch thousands of on-demand titles.
  2. Spectrum Triple Play Silver costs $124.97 per month with a price guarantee of 12 months. There are more than 175 channels available with free HD as well as some premium channels. The download speeds can go as high as 940 Mbps with consistent service. The security suite is also an added benefit so you can roam freely without worrying about your online security. You get unlimited calls and texts within the USA and to other territories as well. Get international calling to over 70 countries, paying an additional $5 a month. There are around 28 superb calling features that will absolutely fall in love with.

There are many other bundles of spectrum internet special offers for you and you can check the details by calling Spectrum’s customer services center. The staff is always available to provide any assistance required by existing as well as new customers. Spectrum’s Internet DealsSo, happy shopping!

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