Netgear Router Lights Meaning and Other Details

Netgear is one of the specialists in manufacturing routers, extenders and modems. Nowadays, modems are nearly obsolete. So, the routers perform the role of both a router and a modem. Extenders are something different, and it works alongside the router to boost network signals. Obviously, several LED lights are present on the router, modem, and extender. So, have you ever wondered about – Netgear router lights meaning.

All the lights are multi-functional; sometimes they glow blue, sometimes green, followed by white amber and many more. So, why do the LEDs change colour? What is the reason behind this? Of course, you will come to know the details. In addition to that, you will also get additional information about the types of LEDs and their functions. 

The Detailed Interpretation of Netgear LED Lights

The details of Netgear router lights meaning is closely related to the interpretation. There are several categories of LED lights – Power, Internet, separate and dual-band, USB, Ethernet and WPS LEDs. Now, let’s elaborate on every category. 

Power LED Light

When the colour is solid amber, the router is starting and getting ready to deliver its optimal service. Blinking amber light means you have already initiated the firmware update/upgrade. On the other hand, this same light also indicates the function of the reset button. 

The solid white light denotes that the router is ready to deliver the data packets to all the connected devices (wired and wireless). If the white light blinks, the firmware is corrupted due to obvious reasons. The power LED light is not glowing, indicating that the router is off. 

Internet LED Light 

Hopefully, you understand what the Netgear router lights meaning. The internet LED light also has a few classifications. The solid white light means that the internet connection is ready. Solid amber light states that the Netgear router has successfully found an Ethernet connection. If the white light starts blinking, the data transmission of data packets takes place without any interruption. No light means there are no Ethernet connections available with the router. 

Wireless Band (2.4 GHz)

The solid white light indicates that the 2.4 GHz wireless band is operating correctly. If the white light starts blinking, then, as usual, the data transmission is taking place. No white light means that the router is off, and as a result, no transmission is taking place. 

Wireless Band (5 GHz)

Regarding the latest 5GHz band, the Netgear router lights meaning is the same as above. You must know that the 5 GHz is operational only with the latest WiFi 6 technology. In addition to that, it also works fine with the optical fibre connection. So, the 5 GHz will come in handy when you are using the latest WiFi technology as well as the optical fibre internet connection. 

USB Lights 

Several Netgear routers have USB ports. These ports come in handy when you are planning to attach an external storage device and use it as cloud storage. The first USB led light is for the latest 3.0 version in the front panel. Whereas, the second LED light is for the USB 2.0 that is present at the backside. 

So, the functions of both USB lights are the same. The solid white light indicates that you have connected a USB device properly. When the white light blinks, the USB device is trying to sync with the router. No USB light glowing and blinking means no USB device/devices connected. 

Ethernet Port Light 

The Ethernet port LED light is only in one colour – amber. There can be one extra colour interchange depending on the functions. The Gigabit Ethernet function is white, and the rest is amber for 100 MB/s or 10 MB/s. Observe the operation carefully to understand the Netgear router lights meaning. 

Whether white or amber, the solid light means the router is connected to an Ethernet cable via an Ethernet port. Blinking white or amber light means data transmission occurs, and no light means the device is off.

Other Two LED Lights 

The last two LED lights indicate power and WPS. The power light will glow continuously, and it will never blink. This means that the router is on, no matter whatever operation it is performing. If you have connected any device through the WPS, then the LED light beside the WPS button will glow. The colour depends on the model. 

A Few Important Information

By now, you know what the Netgear router lights meaning. If any light doesn’t glow, then there must be a serious problem with the router. Never try to repair it all by yourself. Take the device to the authorized service centre and the experts will take care of the rest. 

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