5 Methods to Resolve Cisco Router Error Code 0

The router error code 0 appears on the display of all the connected devices. As a result, you cannot access the internet. If your laptop is connected to the wireless network, then you will notice a yellow exclamation mark on the WiFi bar icon. In addition to that, the network login page will not open either. And, there are some possible causes behind the issue – Outdated firmware, issues in the network server, ping losses, faulty router and many more. 

You must resolve these problems in order to restore the internet connection. In case of faulty router hardware, you must take help from authorised experts. So, let’s now check all the solutions that are given below. 

The Best and Effective Solutions

Before you opt for the solutions, always keep the dedicated Ethernet cable that came along with the router. You may have to create a direct connection via router to your PC. 

Solution 1: A Stable Internet Connection 

Maintaining a stable internet connection is important. You must know the capability of your router. In order to keep the network connection intact, never connect more than 4 to 5 devices at a time. In addition to that, if you opt for any large file download, disconnect 1 or 2 devices to get the full bandwidth. Hopefully, you will not face the router error code 0 frequently. 

Solution 2: Update the Router Firmware

Outdated firmware of every network device will lead to certain complications. So, the occurrence of router error code 0 is not an exception. First, disconnect the router from the network cable. Navigate to the Cisco support page, download the zipped firmware file. You will find the downloaded file in the default Downloads folder. Unzip the file, open the router management page and upload the files to the desired section. Now, connect the Ethernet cable and restart the router. 

Solution 3: Check for Slow Connection 

An internet connection only gets slow when there is a loss of data packets. Bandwidth overload, stealing of data from the network, ongoing download or upload process can be a reason behind that. Check all the connected devices. Stop any ongoing download or upload. Check the network ping with the help of Command Prompt. If necessary, you can inform the ISP experts to solve the router error code 0. 

Solution 4: Issues with the IP Address

You might need to get a new network IP address. Hopefully, this will resolve the router error code 0. Open the router navigation page. Go to the network settings and replace the existing network IP address with the new one. 

Solution 5: Remove Conflicts between one or more Routers

Nowadays, all the routers can perform multi-roles. It seems that you are using one more router to boost your network connection. Thus, there is a high possibility that a conflict between the routers can take place. So, it is better not to use any extra router. Bring an extender that will perform the same role, even better than the previous one. In addition to that, it will be compatible with the router too. 

Did you Forget the Passphrase?

It seems that you are entering the wrong password. In doing so, the router error code 0 will display on the screen of all the connected devices. The solution is easy – Once again, you have to visit the router navigation page. Go to the General settings and reveal the network passphrase. You can either memorise the password or write it down somewhere. 

Deal with the Hardware Issues

You cannot do much if the router error code 0 is closely related to the hardware. Tweaking with hardware is not at all easy. The internal parts of a router are delicate and can get damaged easily. So, it is better to go with the professionals. The entire process may take 3 to 4 business days. Hopefully, you will not face any type of error while using the router. 

Important Tips and Suggestions

If necessary, you can reset the router. Make sure you have all the network credentials with you before resetting. After reset, you have to re-configure the device. Never share your router password with anyone, because this can lead to the stealing of network data as well as bandwidth. 

Always keep track of the Ethernet wire. For obvious reasons, it may be broken or torn. In case you see a wire like this, call the ISP and ask them to replace the Ethernet cable. Until then, you will be temporarily disconnected from the network. 

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