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EDIMAX – Wi-Fi Router Setup (The Definitive Guide)

Edimax is one of the most popular routers over the globe. Most of the users prefer this device for its user-friendly interface. If you recently purchased this device, then you are not able to use this device without setting it up. Therefore, check out the undermentioned section and get the necessary details regarding the Edimax setup.

Necessary Requirements to Get Access to the Edimax Web Interface

Get access to the Edimax web interface is quite simple and all you required to have:

  • Edimax router
  • Access to the network, either through the WiFi or LAN cable
  • A default web browser

Instructions for Edimax Setup

Here are the instructions that should be followed in order to execute the Edimax setup process. Without further ado, let’s proceed.

Step 1: 

Initially, you need to turn on the router and connect it to your computer by using a USB cable. To avoid further interruption, you require to be sure that you are using a compatible USB cable.

Step 2: 

Here, make an attempt to launch the default web browser and enter type “” inside the address bar. Hit the “OK” button to proceed further. Keep in mind the default account and password is admin/1234.

Step 3: 

Enter the above-mentioned information when you are prompted to do so. Next, hit the “OK” button to confirm your action. 

Step 4: 

In the next section, head over to the “General Setup” and try to locate the “Wireless” button. Once you find it, tap on it in order to initiate the menu. Afterward, scroll through the available options and hit the “Security Settings”.

Step 5: 

Once you get access to the “Security Settings”, you will be able to configure the wireless connectivity as per your system requirement. Moreover, try to reset the “Encryption” to WPA Pre-shared Key.

Step 6

From the result-oriented window, choose the option titled WPA2 (AES) and enter the pre-shared security key inside the text box. It must be 8 characters at least. Once done, proceed to hit the “Apply” button as well as the “OK” button.

After performing the above-mentioned instructions, you will be able to complete the Edimax setup process successfully.

What if the Edimax Router Stops Working After Configuration Change?

While setting up the Edimax router, if you make any mistake, then you might face that the Edimax router stops working. To overcome such occasions, you can always go for the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick. For this purpose, follow the steps underneath.

Locate the Reset Option

The “Reset” button is generally situated on the backside of the Edimax router, most possibly a hole, however, something is sticking out. On some Edimax router models, the “Reset” button is marked with a level. In fact, on some Edimax models, the “WPS” button act as the “Reset” button.

Execute the  30 30 30 Sequence

  • Power on the router and push the “Reset: button for at least 30 seconds
  • While pushing the “Reset” button, remove the power of the device and keep pressing the “Reset” button for another 30 seconds.
  • While still pushing the “Reset” button, power on the device and hold the “Reset” button for another 30 seconds.

After performing this instruction, the router will boot up to its default settings and it will start working again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. <b>How do I Hide my Edimax Wi-Fi Router?</b>

    Head over to the “Setup” section and initiate the “Wireless Settings”. After accessing the Wireless Settings, go towards the “Manual Wireless Network Setup”. In this section, try to reset the “Visibility Settings” to “Invisible”. On the other hand, you can also choose the option titled “Enable Hidden Wireless” from the appeared menu. Save the recently made modifications to hide the SSID.

  2. <b>How do I Make my WiFi Private?</b>

    Initiate the router settings page and try to make a unique security key on your router. In the next step, modify the Network’s SSID name and turn on the Network Encryption. Afterward, filter the MAC addresses and try to decrease the range of Wireless Signal. Furthermore, it is recommended you upgrade the router’s firmware.

  3. <strong>How to Enable AES Encryption on a Router?</strong>

    At first, log in to your router and hit the option “Proceed”. Afterward, hit the “Wireless Settings” that is situated at the top of the screen. Head over to the “Basic Security Settings” and look for the Wi-Fi Security. Furthermore, tap on the WPA2 and choose the “Apply” button.

  4. <b>What is my Private IP?</b>

    In order to recognize a device’s private IP, press the combination of the Windows logo + R key to initiate the Run window. Under the Run dialog box, type “cmd” and hit the Enter key. Proceed to right tap on the “Command Prompt” and hit the “Run as Administrator” option. When the Command Prompt launches in Admin Mode, write “ipconfig” and hit the “OK” button. This will show you your device’s private IP.

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