Can You Establish an Ethernet Connection to Your Computer if the Router and Modem are Far Away?

There are several ways to establish an Ethernet connection if your computer is far from the modem and router. Consider using a powerline adaptor to connect your PC to the internet. A Wi-Fi range extender can also be used for a stable Wi-Fi connection. 

Do you have a long Ethernet cable? Use it to connect the computer with the modem and router. However, the powerline adaptor, Wi-Fi extender, or Ethernet cable must be compatible with the computer; otherwise, you can encounter internet connectivity issues.

Choosing where to place the network extender and powerline adapter is essential. Keep the powerline adapter close to the router for an uninterrupted Ethernet connection. Place the Wi-Fi extender in a location the router can reach. 

Let’s learn the steps to connect a powerline adapter, Wi-Fi extender, and Ethernet cable to your computer:

How to Connect a Powerline Adapter to Your Computer to Establish an Ethernet Connection?

A powerline adapter uses your home’s electrical wiring to connect your computer to the internet when the router and modem are far away. It is the best replacement for an Ethernet cable. An Ethernet helps individuals to connect their PC to the router without hassle.

However, you might have to string the Ethernet cable if the device can’t be set up near the router. Let us clarify that stringing network cables across the floor can cause tripping hazards. The Ethernet cable might also get damaged if you have a damp floor.

Thus, stop stringing the Ethernet cable and use a powerline adapter instead. It will connect your PC to the router using the wires built into your house. Most powerline adaptors have 2 separate adaptors which can plug into the wall outlet.

Follow these steps to connect the powerline adapter to the electrical outlet:

  • Insert the computer’s power cable into one adapter on the powerline adaptor.
  • Plug in the router or modem’s power cord to another adaptor.
  • These two adapters communicate with each other using your home’s electrical wiring to extend the network connection on your PC.

Powerline adapters provide stable and reliable Ethernet connections on computers. However, the connection quality might vary depending on your home’s wiring. We recommend connecting the powerline adapters directly to the electrical outlet instead of an extension cord or power strip for a better internet connection. 

Why Should You Use Powerline Adaptors to Access the Internet on Your Computer?

There are several reasons to choose a powerline adapter to use the internet on a computer. You can stream multiple videos simultaneously without buffering on apps like YouTube. 

Additionally, users can quickly transfer large 5GB of files over the internet with powerline adaptors. You will get the same internet speed on the connected wireless devices. Powerline adaptors are also great for online gaming. Avoid FPS drop issues while playing multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone with this cabled connection. 

How to Establish an Ethernet Connection on Your Computer with a Wi-Fi Extender?

Wi-Fi extenders extend the router’s wireless network, allowing you to establish a secure Ethernet connection on your computer. These extenders have more than one Ethernet port, letting you directly connect a router, modem, or PC. 

However, an Ethernet cable is required to access the internet on your device. Ensure the network extender is compatible with your computer before buying it. Go for Netgear Powerline if you have a Windows device. It has 2GB LAN ports and is easy to set up.

Here are the most recommended Wi-Fi extenders in 2023:

  • TP-Link AC750 RE230
  • Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream AC1900+
  • D-Link DIR-LX1870
  • Netgear Nighthawk EAX80

Quick Steps to Set up a Wi-Fi Extender

Place the Wi-Fi extender between the user and the Wi-Fi router for a better signal on your PC. Remember that you can access the internet from anywhere in your house after the initial extender setup. Here is how you can set up the Wi-Fi extender with a PC:

1. Write Down Your Extender’s Password and SSID

You will need the wireless range extender’s password and network to set up the Wi-Fi extender. Additionally, you must find the extender’s default IP address. Check the Wi-Fi extender’s backside for the password, username, SSID, and IP address.

2. Look for the Computer’s Ethernet Port

The ethernet or LAN port is located on your computer’s back. You must plug in an Ethernet cable to the PC and Wi-Fi extender port to establish a stable internet connection. Ensure the computer’s Ethernet port isn’t damaged and working properly.

3. Turn on the Wi-Fi Extender

Place the network extender in the centre of the house to get a faster and stronger Wi-Fi connection. Press the power button to turn on your wireless range extender. Ensure the extender is on “Extender” mode, not “AP” mode. Keep the wireless router close to it and connect its power cable to the electrical outlet.

4. Enter the IP Address on the Browser

Open a web browser from your computer and enter the extender’s default IP address on the address bar. Press the Enter button and wait until the login prompt appears. You have entered an incorrect IP address if you receive a “This site can’t be reached” message.

5. Provide the Login Details

Enter the default Wi-Fi extender username in the “Username” box on the login page. Go to the next box to enter your wireless range extender’s password. Most manufacturers use “admin” as username and “password” as password. So, try this username-password combo to access the setup wizard.

6. Complete the Wi-Fi Extender Setup

The setup wizard will guide you to connect your PC to the Wi-Fi extender. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the network extender setup. Furthermore, you can change the network name and password from this web interface. 

How to Establish an Ethernet Connection on Your PC with a Long Ethernet Cable?

Buying a network extender or powerline adapter won’t be the right option if you’re running on a tight budget. Invest in a long Ethernet cable to connect the computer and modem or router if they are far away. 

Ethernet cables are available in different sizes on the market. Choose the Ethernet cable that suits the distance between your PC and the wireless router or modem. However, you must measure the distance between these devices to get the right Ethernet cable.

Connect one Ethernet cable’s end to the computer’s Ethernet or LAN port. Plug in the other end to the Wi-Fi router or modem’s Ethernet port. Access your Windows or Mac computer’s Wi-Fi menu and select the correct SSID from the list. 

Open a browser and check if you can access the websites or web-based apps. If the internet isn’t working, disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable. An out-of-date network driver can generate this problem on the router. So, install the latest network driver version to improve the internet speed on the device. 

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