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Boost Your Router’s Performance- 10 Expert Ways to Continue Work from Home

While we are still battling through the pandemic situation, most of us have started working from home. That is why a good internet connection is mandatory to roll the work without any type of interruption. But nothing is permanent. Your router can also face troublesome situations that can create a barrier in the working procedures. 

If this happens, you have to follow some easy ways to boost the performance of the router. This information is easily available in the various router guides. So, all you need to do is study those innovative ways and make your router work faster. 

Possible Reasons for a Router’s Performance 

There are various reasons that can reduce the router’s performance such as- old devices, internal problems, hardware issues, outdated firmware, service issues and more. In order to understand the situation, you need to observe the symptoms of the device. After that, take the necessary measures to resolve them. 

Router’s Performance: Make it blazing fast

You need to opt for steps that will make your router fast and reliable and secured. So, here are some selected procedures. Make sure that these procedures are safe, easy to perform, and beneficial. 

1. Restart the device 

One of the most common solutions to make the router easy on its service, whenever you will face any slow performance, give a temporary break to your work. Turn off the router, keep it 4 to 5 minutes in a stand-still process. After that turn on the router, and check whether it is facing any type of lags or not. If necessary, you can also disconnect the Ethernet port, and then reconnect it to the router. 

2. Relocate the router 

The most ethical way is to put the router at one place. But, if you feel that the frequency is not stable then, you can change the location of the device. Search for a place that is wider in space, without any type of physical obstruction. If the frequency faces no obstacles, then you can use the entire bandwidth. If you want to get more advice about the relocation of the router, go through the router guide.

3. Know the device capacity

Before pointing out the errors associated with the router’s performance, you must know the ultimate ability of the device. Of course, you will not expect the device to perform at a superior level when the actual ability is very much limited. When you are using a normal router, then activities like normal web browsing, downloading, playing casual online games are enough. You can never run any type of online complex 3D programs or objects. There are separate routers for running this kind of projects. 

4. Up-to-date the router 

The firmware of the router is the most crucial aspect of the device. Without it, it will neither run nor function properly. As technology is developing daily, the router manufacturers are always trying to keep the device stuffed with features that will help you to reduce stress and work freely. 

That is why updating the router’s firmware is important. Open the homepage of the router with the default browser and find out the “Update Firmware” option. This will help you to download the latest version of the firmware. 

5. Make the necessary changes in the network channel

Each and every router has different types of channels. With the help of these channels, the device receives and sends the data packets, with the help of an internet connection. With the help of the router guide, you will be able to see all the details of the channels. After that, open the browser software and select the desired channels that are idle. In this way, you will be able to boost the router’s performance, as well the internet connectivity. 

6. Select the perfect frequency

Every router nowadays comes with its own frequency bands. One is around 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and the others are around 5 GHz. The routers use both of these frequencies. If you are willing to use the router in playing games with the help of gaming consoles, attach it to your PC, smartphones and tablets, smart TV, and others, then go for the routers that have a frequency around 5GHz. Else, if you want to use the device to support your home theatres, security cameras and others, the routers of 2.4 to 2.5 GHz will be just fine. 

7. Eliminate unnecessary connections 

When your device is running slow, surely, there are other unauthorized connections penetrating in the device. Here, you don’t have to worry about boosting the performance of the router. All you need to do is to secure it. Create a strong 16 character password and your router will never become slow or stay unprotected. 

8. The assistance of Wi-Fi extender

If the router is placed in a big room, then it is not at all possible for a single router to maintain the perfect bandwidth. That is why the Wi-Fi extenders come into the picture. Get a Wi-Fi extender, configure and sync it with the router and set them in your desired place. After that, your router will never face any lagging issues. 

9. A stronger antenna 

If you think of boosting your router’s performance, select such kinds of routers that have stronger antennas. The more strong the antennas are, you will receive more compact bandwidth. Moreover, the device will also not face any type of issues related to the bandwidth. Check the internet as there are a lot of devices with stronger antennas. Analyse and select the best, that will suit your requirement. 

10. Upgrade the router

If the router is getting too old, then it is a wise decision to replace it with a new one. The brands that produce several network devices stop releasing firmware updates, for the old manufacturer, after a certain time. When this happens, your old device becomes outdated. Select a good brand and choose a reasonable device that meets your needs. 


Whenever you are willing to boost the performance of the router, you might have to buy some additional devices. So, experts say that it is better to buy it from the nearest retail store. You can buy it online but after the product delivers, check whether all the accessories are present in the box or not. Furthermore, you can also get the requisite help from router guide.

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