After Buying a Router, Can You Access the Internet?

You can’t access the internet after simply buying a Wi-Fi router. A router must be connected to a compatible modem for stable Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, routers can only send and receive data packets to multiple devices in a network. It doesn’t establish an internet connection. You must use an ISP service to access the internet on the Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 

Your Internet Service Provider will help you set up the Internet connection and connect your wireless router with a modem via the WAN or Internet port. So, an Ethernet cable is required to access the internet on your computer or laptop. 

Let’s learn why you can’t use the Wi-Fi after buying the router:

Why Doesn’t the Internet Work Only with a Router?

The internet will work when the analog signals are converted into digital signals – it is what a modem does. Hence, you will need a modem to pick up and distribute the signals to the devices connected to the same network after buying the router. 

Thus, buying a router isn’t enough if you need a Wi-Fi connection on your PC. You must also invest in a modem that will work with the router to use the internet on your phone, computer, or other devices.

Do You Need to Set Up the Router to Access the Internet?

You can’t use the Wi-Fi without setting up a router or modem. Select an internet service plan that suits your budget by contacting the ISP.  Locate your modem’s cylindrical cable and use it to connect the device to the wall outlet. 

Alternatively, you can use a fiber optical cable with a fiber router. Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable on the router’s WAN/uplink port. Take the other end and insert it into your modem’s internet port. 

Do you use a computer with an Ethernet port? Connect one end of the Ethernet cable directly to the PC port and the other to one open port on the modem-router combo. It will help you get a stable, high-speed internet connection on your PC.

Turn on the router, modem, and the devices where you want to access the internet. Open the Wi-Fi menu on your Windows or Mac computer. Search for the router’s default wireless network name (SSID) and select it. Enter the correct password and tap on “Connect” to use the internet on the computer.

Do You Need to Configure the Wireless Router Gateway to Use the Wi-Fi?

Configuring the gateway is essential to access the internet on some wireless routers. If you have an IP router, you must turn off the gateway. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the gateway’s LAN port. Plug in the cable on the router’s WAN port, turn on the gateway, and restart the router after 2-3 minutes.

Access your wireless router’s mobile app to continue the setup. If there is no app, find the networking device’s default IP address to open the setup wizard. Open a web browser, enter the default gateway IP, and click the search icon.

A router login page will open your computer or laptop screen. Check your router’s backside to find the password and username. Enter the default login credentials and tap on the “Login” button to open your router’s setup page. 

What Should You Do on Your Router’s Setup Wizard?

Update the firmware from the setup page; otherwise, the router won’t work, preventing you from accessing the internet. Additionally, you must reset the router password and wireless network name. 

Generate a unique password by combining letters, numbers, and special characters like “@*$”. Use your wireless router’s auto-configuration tools to complete the setup.

For instance, the DHCP feature automatically assigns a dynamic IP address to every device once enabled. You can also change these addresses anytime from the web GUI. 

Moreover, router manufacturers include effective security measures to safeguard the network and user privacy. Enable firewall and web filtering to protect your computer/laptop from malicious traffic. 

Do You Need to Pay Monthly to Access the Internet Plan if You Buy a Router?

You must pay a monthly fee after buying a wireless router to access the internet. Depending on your chosen plan, the internet service provider might charge $30-$80 monthly. The internet won’t work on your devices if you miss the monthly payments.

Can’t Access the Internet through the Router? Try these 6 Troubleshooting Tips

The internet might not work even when the router is on for several reasons. A damaged ethernet cable can trigger this problem. An unwanted internet outage can be the reason behind such an occurrence. Incorrect network permissions can lead to this internet connectivity error.

Whatever the reason behind this problem, you can eliminate it by following these solutions:

1. Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Temporary glitches can be fixed by power cycling your wireless router and modem. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the router and modem port. Disconnect the power cables of these two devices from the wall outlet. 

Additionally, you must turn off the devices connected to the router. Reconnect the modem and router’s power cables to the wall outlet. Reconnect the ethernet cable to the correct router and modem port.

Turn on the modem and router’s power supply and wait until the power LED turns solid green. The router’s internet light will turn solid green after blinking 2-3 times. Open a web browser and use the internet-based apps without connection failures.

2. Inspect the Router and Modem Cables

A loose or faulty cable can prevent the router or modem from working, blocking internet access. Thus, you must check and repair the cables to restore the Wi-Fi connection. Inspect the modem’s coaxial cable and the Ethernet cable that connects it to the router.

Disconnect these cables and reconnect them in the right modem and router port. You will hear a click sound if you insert the cables correctly. Place the router close to the modem after checking or replacing the cable to avoid internet problems. 

3. Disable the VPN Connection

Virtual Private Networks provide an extra layer of protection on the router network. If the VPN provider experiences technical problems or an outage, you can’t access the internet even if the router is connected to the PC.

Hence, disabling the VPN connection will help you to fix the problem. Press the Windows and I keys simultaneously to open the Settings window if you’re a Windows user. Navigate to “Network & Settings”, select “VPN”, and tap on “Disconnect”. Open a browser and check if you can access the internet.

Lastly, Opt for a Network Reset ….

An incorrect network configuration on your computer can restrict you from accessing the internet after the router setup. Thus, restoring the default network settings will eliminate this internet connectivity problem. Open your Windows computer’s Settings app using the keyboard shortcuts.

Head to “Network and Internet” and tap on the Status button from the left sidebar. Choose “Network Troubleshooter” and click the Network Reset option. Select “Reset Now” to restart your Windows computer once the process is complete. Restart the wireless router and use the internet to send important office files or stream online content without glitches.

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