How To Make Your Magento Website Look Like A Million Bucks

The statistics show that first-time visitors form an opinion about the quality of a website within 0.05 seconds. This first impression determines whether they’ll stay on the site and return later or not. Thus, a website is the signature of any business that represents its products and services. If it looks user-friendly, visually appealing, and functionally convenient, people will be willing to spend much time browsing through products and checking out prices.  

Magento allows businesses to create top-quality, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing eCommerce websites. Follow these tips to design an eCommerce web store that looks like a million bucks or trust a Magento development agency to do the hard work for you.

1. Choose a Theme Suitable to Your Brand

Development of any Magento web store begins with selecting a suitable theme. The platform includes a sea of colorful, unique, and customizable templates. You should make sure that the theme doesn’t look awkward on different devices or screen sizes. The theme and color scheme should be relevant to the products you sell. For example, pink is mainly associated with products created for women, such as cosmetics. Also, statistics say that green and blue colors increase the traffic of Magento web stores by 3% and 2%, respectively. But it isn’t recommended to use red and its shades since they may decrease your Magento store’s traffic by 1.35%. 

2. Use High-Resolution, Relevant Images

Relevant Images

It’s nonsense to build a Magento web store without images. The platform allows adding pictures to demonstrate your products, sizes, colors, length, or width. Make sure to use only high-resolution photos which users can zoom in and see details. Add only relevant pictures, i.e., if your text describes a “hand-knit sweater,” then your Magento shop should have an image of such a sweater. And always be careful not to overload your pages with too much visual material. Keep the balance between text and imagery. If it sounds tricky to you, it’s always a good idea to turn to the professional help of a Magento development company

3. Add Icons of Your Social Media Pages

Availability of social media accounts is essential for any online business. But they shouldn’t exist independently. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to add social media icons to your Magento website. Your users will immediately appear on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages by clicking the corresponding icon. Moreover, to help your customer quickly identify your social profiles, make sure to choose a name identical to your web store name. 

4. Add Customer Feedback

Testimonials of satisfied customers are one of the most valuable assets that a business can have. Hence, while building a Magento Website, create a particular testimonials page to include the feedback received from your happy customers. It will make your online business credible and trustworthy. 

5. Consider Making a Multilingual Website

If your business is local, i.e., you sell only in a particular country, a monolingual website will entirely cover customer needs. However, if your target market is international, your Magento website should be either bilingual (in English and native language) or in English only. If you have customers from European, Asian, and South African countries, consider adding other languages such as Chinese, Spanish, and French. 

Final Thoughts

Your Magento eCommerce site is a valuable asset for your business that attracts leads and converts them to actual deals. It’s your company’s face that tells a story about your services, products, location, prices, etc. Two Magento web stores selling similar products can look completely different. One may look low-priced, the other may look like it cost you a fortune. The secret is in the themes you use, the color scheme, image sizes, etc. On the one hand, it may sound trifling; on the other hand, such details make your design look like a million bucks. 

Mario C. Morrissey
Mario C. Morrissey
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