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How To Find Your Sagemcom Default Username and Password

Sagemcom is a French communication terminal manufacturing company. It is famous all over Europe for providing high-quality networking and communication devices. If you want the procedure for how to find your Sagemcom’s default username and password, then you have chosen the right page. 

In this post, we will discuss all the effective steps to find your Sagemcom router’s default password. We will also cover how to change your WiFi password briefly. So, follow the descriptions with proper attention to obtain the details correctly.

Steps to Find/Change Sagemcom’s Default Username and Password

In order to find your default Sagemcom’s username and password, you just have to follow these simple steps. After finding the credentials, you may change these information for your future reference. The steps are as follows.

Find Default Username and Password

To obtain your router’s default username and password, find your router’s product label. You will find an IP address, which is the road to enter the router’s default software. 

So, type that IP address on the address bar of your default browser and hit Enter key. The Log-in page will open asking for the username and password. Generally, the username is written already with white space (blank) in place of the password. Click on the “Log-in” button and your router’s official utility page will open. 

In case you cannot find the username as well the password, then you have to change the password. 

But, the question is, how will you log in to your main page after changing the password? So, the answer is “Yes”, you can log in with the help of some default (secondary) username and password produced by Sagemcom itself. Those credentials are discussed in the next section.

Secondary Username and Password

There are various other secondary usernames and passwords launched by Sagemcom. These are admin – admin, admin – sky and admin – blank.

 Note: The “blank” word means nothing is written there. Don’t misunderstand and type the word itself. 

Now that you have successfully logged in, its the time to change your default password to secure your Sagemcom router. The methods are described below.

Change your WiFi Username and Password

Changing your router’s username and password is the best and safe way to access the Internet. It also keeps your password confidential. Follow these steps in order to do so.

  • Log-in to your router’s webpage by the following steps from the above-discussed section. Now, go to the “Wireless” tab and click on it. 
  • You will see there are two sections present there, named “SSID” and “Passphrase”. Delete the default SSID and type another SSID according to your preference. Now, type a password in the 1st blank box and then type it again in another blank “Confirm Passphrase” box.
  • Click the “Save Changes” option and exit the browser.

Important Note:  You cannot change the login password (default webpage) of your router. Only, the manufacturing company Sagemcom has the right to change it. However, the WiFi password can be changed according to your wish. Here, we have discussed finding the login password and changing the WiFi password to convey the detailed procedure.


In this article, we have discussed all the possible ways to solve your login issues in the Sagemcom router. We hope that you will follow the steps carefully and implement them. 

We also advise you must not enter any username and password from unsecured third-party websites, in case you forget it. Always prefer the company’s official websites to fetch the details or change the credentials.

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