AmpliFi HD Review | Touchscreen Display Router by Ubiquiti

AmpliFi HD Review | Touchscreen Display Router by Ubiquiti

 A Top-Class networking service at your residence or workplace

Reviewed By Taylor Green: 24 May 2020
Amplifi HD Wifi System

AmpliFi HD is a new inclusion to the list of mesh WiFi routers. The device generally uses an additional WiFi repeater to distribute the network in your home and workplace. 

It is quite easy to configure this router and all the devices active in it to enable access to the Internet. It is one of the top competitors for Google WiFi, which is also a mesh wireless device. 

Here, we are going to take a look at the router’s review in detail. We will also cover the technical specifications and benchmarks of the AmpliFi HD router, which might be better than your existing devices.  

In order to analyze all the details of the AmpliFi HD Wifi System, you must follow all the sections thoroughly.

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Details of AmpliFi HD Router

Here, you will get all the necessary information about the AmpliFi HD mesh router. They are as follows. 

Availability and Price

All the necessary information about the availability and price of the AmpliFi HD router is given here. 


You can get the AmpliFi HD mesh router in a twin pack bundle. It consists of two routers and a wireless base station. The base station is known as “MeshPointHD”, which will allow you to enhance the network coverage of the device. 

SpecificationsWireless Connectivity:

 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Ports: 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports


3.9 x 3.9 inches x 3.9 (99.5 x 97.8 x 99.6 mm; D x H x W) each


14.46oz (410g) each

The entire package costs around $399. You can also buy all the connected devices in a package separately from the official website of AmpliFi. Whereas the base price of the router remains within $137.


The AmpliFi HD device package is easily available all over the world. You can also get it online from various retailers. However, the price may vary country and continent wise. So, make sure that you know the exact price in your country, state, and zone before buying the device.


In this huge networking business, there are mesh routers that have a superb design and excellent performance. But, the AmpliFi HD router has certain characteristics that caught our attention. 

Its admirable design, compact looks, and excellent performance have helped the device to find a place in the top mesh router list. 

The design of AmpliFi HD and its packaging is to some extent similar to Apple’s Airport. This ensures that AmpliFi HD is not at all a simple or ordinary router. 

The main unit is a polished white cube-like structure with a round-shaped LED-backlit display in its front. There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports present at the back of the device. 

This device also supports USB connection, which is C-type. It will help you to connect to printers and scanners. You can also connect to printers and other storage devices wirelessly using your private network. 

Overall, it has the ability to provide a strong network coverage through concrete walls, cupboards, doors, and other obstacles. 


There is an AmpliFi application that will help you to configure and operate your router device. When you power up the device, it will automatically ask you to download the application. So, you have to download the application depending upon the mobile operating system that you are using. 

It is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. The setup process is quite easy as you have to follow the on-screen instructions after installing the application. 

Once you have successfully set up your router without even installing the base station, it can give you a good range of WiFi connection. If you are living on the ground floor, you will get an impressive network even on the third floor. 

The data download speed will be 74.6 Megabytes per sec on the same floor. But, if you go to the next floor, then the speed might reduce a little bit and become 74.1 Megabytes per sec. 

This ensures an excellent and impressive performance from your router. Also, you don’t have to use the signal boosters to extend your router’s network coverage unless you have a large house or workplace. 

Benchmarks of AmpliFi HD Router

Here are the details of certain network tests that describe the benchmark of the AmpliFi HD network device. We must inform you that this router has given the average speed test result up to 80 Megabytes per sec. 

Ookla Speed Test at the Clock-rate of 5GHz (Download|Upload)

In the range of 5 feet/1.52 meters; zero obstacles: 74.6|18.12 Megabytes per sec

Within the range of 13 feet/3.96 meters; one floor or above it: 74.1|18 Megabytes per sec

Around 20 feet/8 meters; two floors: 68.3|10 Megabytes per sec

Ookla Speed Test 5GHz along with MeshpointHD Enhancer (Download|Upload)

Within 20 feet/8 meters; two stores and more: 74.4|18.6 Megabytes per sec


After going through all the sections given above, we hope that you have gained enough knowledge about the AmpliFi HD router. We are very much appreciative of the device’s looks, performance, and cost distribution. 

Besides, we are a bit disappointed about the looks of the enhancer. Also, compared to other simple mesh routers, the price is quite high. 

We advise that you can go for another alternative device if you are willing to buy a single router or having a small house. In the end, the choice is all yours whether to consider this router or not.