About Us

RouterGuide connects you to a treasure of resources associated with your router. We provide all the relevant information required to set up a router correctly. We aim to provide the best source of router information and to help you make sense of your router. Just because it’s old that doesn’t indicate it’s broken.

We are also mentioning the comparisons and reviews of different routers, so that our readers can easily know which routers to pick when they want to purchase on a router.

What We have in our Service List?

Here are some easy ways that we provide you to set up your router.

  • Check out our routerguide.org. We give proper guidelines for every router sorted by makers.
  • Moreover, on our website, you will get the screenshots of your particular router’s interface.
  • If you are worried about the login, then you will get proper guidelines for login instructions on our site.
  • Even we can help you to find the default password of your router.
  • Additionally, on our website, you can easily able to access the user manual for your router.
  • If you need the default IP address for your router, then we can assist you with that, too. Along with that, RouterGuide will also explain to you about the procedure of changing the IP address of your router. Just go through all the articles of RouterGuide.

Our Team Members are our Greatest Asset

We have a team of dozens of developers, editors, writers, researchers that work tirelessly to ensure the design, the images you see, articles, and dozens of other elements on the site that work together to get you the technology answers you need without feeling confused or overwhelmed. Moreover, we come here from a distinct set of experiences and backgrounds.