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How To Setup Spectrum Modem and Internet

Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, now in a merger with Charter Communications, have been increasing their service footprint throughout the nation. Offering services in more than 44 states under the brand name of Spectrum, the company has been delivering high-speed internet plans to cater to the connectivity needs of its customers. In addition to all the genuine reasons, the no-contract and no data cap policy makes Spectrum stand out from the rest. Users also find the plans very reasonable and within their budget limits. The installation process is very simple and self-installation kits are provided that have an easy to understand set of instructions. This is intended to facilitate the customers in the best possible ways. Here is a closer look as to what is available in the self-installation kit:

Self-Installation Kit

You are likely to receive a self-installation kit that contains the following components:

  • A Welcome Guide along with instructions
  • Internet modem
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power cables
  • Coaxial cables

How to Install Spectrum Internet Service?

Once you have checked that your kit contains all these elements, you can now begin installing the internet service. You may require a Spectrum login to complete the activation process. Now, let’s get the party started!

  • First, connect one end of the coaxial wire to the modem and the second end to a cable outlet.
  • Next, attach the power cable to the modem and plug it on. Wait for a while. As soon as you see that the online indicator light turns stable, it means that the modem is now connected.
  • Once you have finished doing that, it is time to run the Ethernet cable between the wireless router and the modem.
  • Now, you can attach the other power cable to the router and wait for it to power on. It might take around ten minutes. As soon as the Wi-Fi light appears green, your device is all set to be connected to the internet.
  • Next up, connect your computer with Spectrum internet, so you can complete the remaining steps online. This will eventually lead to the activation of your service.

Activating the Modem

To activate the modem, you will have to visit from your phone or PC and click on the Get Started option. Now, simply follow the displayed set of instructions to complete the activation of your Spectrum modem. And voila! It is done.

In case you find any difficulty at any level, you can simply contact the ever-helpful Spectrum customer support team so that the professional agent can help you out instantly. In the middle of the COVID crisis, the demand for Spectrum internet has increased. This is why sometimes the delivery of self-installation kits might take longer than usual.

Pros of Self-Installation

Going for the self-installation process is an effective way to save a good amount of money, as you would not have to appoint a technician or pay extra charges. In case you are not comfortable with the set-up process or are stuck, it is totally fine to seek professional help. However, we would encourage you to continue with self-installation and contact customer support service to get your queries resolved.

The real catch here is that you are not required to pay extra charges for self-installation. All you need is some basic technical knowledge and you can complete the installation without any professional assistance.

Is Self-Installation Worth it?

Well, it is true that while we are fighting the COVID crisis globally and observing social distancing, self-installation might specifically be a good option, since it offers more convenience and minimizes any health risk. In other words, you will not require a technician to visit your house and handle the installation process for you. Less contact = less vulnerability! Also, the best thing is that if you run in the middle of a problematic situation where you are unable to proceed with the self-installation procedure, you can always get in touch with the customer support team to guide you immediately and fix the issue.

Promoting Maximum Safety During Pandemic

You must know that amidst the global pandemic, Spectrum is paying special attention to health and safety. This is why the technicians wear PPE when they visit your home. The staff is instructed to strictly follow all safety protocols, like social distancing, and ensure complete disinfection of the equipment for maximum protection. If you ask for professional assistance, there is nothing to worry about regarding the health concerns. Spectrum employees go through a health assessment to make sure none of them displays cold or fever symptoms.

Wrapping Up

You can install the Spectrum modem instantly by following the aforementioned steps. Whether you choose self-installation or a professional one, the aim is to get the process done as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying the fast-speed internet connectivity and carry out all your online activities seamlessly!