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How To Design A Perfect Travel Website

People associate travel with something special, new experiences, exoticism. The visual design of the page of the travel agency should correspond to this – rich colors, unusual design, interesting animation. This will increase the likelihood that the visitor will “stick” and not go to competitors.

The content on the page should be regularly updated so that the visitor always has access to up-to-date information about visas, flights, hotels. Be sure to add a price list for tours, individual agency services. In travel web development there are many details.

What should be on the website of the travel agency

For a visitor to choose your agency and arrange a tour, the site must be informative, inspiring confidence. Therefore, you need to think over a logical, intuitive page structure.

Special offers and last minute tours

To encourage as many website visitors to purchase as possible, add a section with special rates and discounts. This will be the final impetus for those who were not 100% ready to buy, but do not want to miss out on a great offer.

Services and prices

The service block should provide complete information about what exactly your company offers. Payment by installments, delivery of documents home, free airport transfer – highlight the services that set you apart from the competition. Tell us about the current rates so that the visitor can choose the one that suits the price.

Selection of tours

Users are often not sure what type of vacation is right for them, will meet their expectations, budget. Therefore, offer an online consultation or a small quiz. So you will help to choose a tour right on the site, convert page visitors into clients of your travel agency.

Feedback widgets

Add to the site the ability to order a call or ask a question online. This will help the user to quickly get the information they need at a convenient time.

Online booking and payment system for the tour

Visitors to the site will appreciate the opportunity to book a tour and pay for it online, without the need for a personal visit to the travel agency’s office. So the company will not be limited to office hours or only to those regions where its branches are represented. This will help increase sales.

Travel blog

Users often search for travel information online. They are interested in obtaining a visa, the possibility of traveling with small children, new directions of tourism. An expert blog will answer your questions and help you promote the website of a travel company.


In addition to the address and working hours of the company, add as many ways as possible to contact you. E-mail, phone number are not convenient for all users. Therefore, provide links to messengers, social networks of the agency.

Travel Landing Pages

Tour landing pages are relevant for the sale of specific travel destinations that the agency offers. If you specialize in several countries, create a landing page for each of them. So you will better emphasize the advantages of tours, you can tell in more detail about the sights, important details.

Travel landing pages are also suitable for increasing sales of special offers, last minute deals. For example, shopping tours to China, Mediterranean cruise, romantic travel in the south of France.

Travel website design

For travel sites, design is key. The page should look unusual, attract attention, create a feeling of perfect relaxation. Users often associate travel with exotic, adventure, positive emotions. Therefore, the site will be appropriate bright elements, flash animation. But don’t forget your target audience. If your main segment is older couples, you should opt for a more discreet design.

To make the site easy to use, add a search function on the page. This is especially true for large agencies offering many services and directions. Do not overload the site menu, try to structure the presented material as much as possible.