5 Easy Steps To Access Netgear Nighthawk Login Page

Netgear produces some of the best routers in the market. They have top of the line products and Netgear Nighthawk is one of them. Nighthawk single-handedly brought limelight to Netgear because of absolute great performance. If you recently bought Netgear Nighthawk router and looking to set up the router, you would want to read the […]

Using a Wireless Bridge Connection From Netgear Router

Today I am going to explain what is a wireless bridge and how it can solve some of the pet peeves we have with our routers. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the wireless bridge. Many people confuse it with repeaters and gateways. But it’s slightly different from those devices. As network infrastructure requires […]

Top 5 Best Netgear Wifi Routers You Shouldn’t Miss

Routers are the most important peripheral devices which are used for distributing data packets to multiple devices. For a stable and consistent network connection, having a good router is essential. You might be doing an online transaction or streaming a movie– if the router can’t handle the network well then the transaction may fail and […]

Easy Guide To Change WiFi Password On Netgear Routers

Once in a while, I need to change the WiFi password to save ourselves from data hoggers. So today RouterGuide is going to say about how to change WiFi password on Netgear Routers. I am going to provide a general solution which can be applied to any model of Netgear Routers. So without wasting any […]

How To Change Netgear IP Address

Lately, everyone is waking up to the vulnerabilities in routers and trying to tighten the security of network devices. As you connect to the internet using our PC or mobile phone, there is a higher chance of data fraud because of security loopholes in the router. Changing the router’s IP address should be the first […]

Installation Process for Netgear Wifi Extender Setup

IoT devices like smart bulbs, home automation tools, game consoles, and other wireless accessories are making way to our home. So the demand for better coverage of WiFi is higher than ever. The outdated routers do not have the capability to cover the whole premise and do not offer the stability to work with multiple […]

How to Access Netgear Router Login Page

Netgear is a multinational computer networking company, popularly known for manufacturing the best routers in the market. When talking about routers, Netgear first comes to the mind of the customers for its excellent features that they provide. The routers roll up with brilliant features and are easy to use. Netgear Router provides remarkable speed for […]