– Admin Login IP Address is commonly used by several modems and routers as their default login IP address. It is one of the IP addresses in the so-called “private network 16-bit block address space” and it is specifically reserved for the usage of private networks. 

Popular brands of the router like Netgear and Linksys also use it as their default login IP. This IP address can be used to improve the connection between several devices. Moreover, if your router uses the IP, then you will get 253 addresses to utilize ( – 

How to Enter the Default Login Gateway of any Router? 

Before accessing the default login page of any router, you must have a system that is connected with your home network and a PC to open the browser. 

If you have a router and is the default login IP of that device, then you can perform the below steps to log into the Admin panel of the router. 

Before applying the below steps, make sure to note down the login credentials of the router. You can find it on the backside of the device or inside the box of the router. Furthermore, you can also check the document that comes with the router. 

Step 1: Open the Browser - Open the Browser

First of all, open your favored web browser on your computer and enter “” in the address bar. Afterward, press the Enter key from the keyboard. It will navigate you to the login page of your router. 

Step 2: Enter the Login Credentials

If you are using the router for the first time and with a private IP address, then you must have the default password and username of the device. You can enter the login credentials that you have note down previously. 

Mostly, the login credentials are: 

  • Default Password: password
  • Default Username: admin

Step 3: Change the SSID - Change the SSID

It’s always better to change the SSID or Network Name of the device that is visible to others in the Network tab. You can do this even when you have a private IP address of the router. 

Tips you can Follow while Changing the SSID

  • Try to keep the password simple and short. 
  • Don’t make it quirky as there is a chance of backfire. 
  • Try to avoid using your personal data as the name of the device. 

Step 4: Change the Default Login Credentials

Change the Default Login Credentials -

The device may have the default IP address. But, you have to make sure that it is secured by changing the default login credentials of the router. You can follow the below steps in order to do this: 

  • Perform Step 1 and Step 2 to access the admin page of the router. 
  • Afterward, navigate to the Settings. 
  • Choose the ‘Change Router Password’ (or a similar option) option from the next page. 
  • Type the new password and tap on the Apply button to save the new settings. 

We hope that you will be able to login to the router’s web interface using as the default IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to do if you forget the login credentials? 

    There are two options if you forget the login credentials of your router. The first is to find out the default password and username of the device. If you are unable to do that, then you can reset the device. 

  2. Why won’t my Smartphone let me Access 

    It may happen that the smartphone you are using doesn’t have the permission or terminal to access the advanced settings to configure a device like a modem or a router. 

  3. What if the IP Address is not Working? 

    Check if the router has the same IP address. To check this, navigate to the Start menu. Type “command prompt”, click on the option and type “ipconfig”. Then hit the Enter key to run the command. If you can’t see the default IP address of the router, check and fix any loose connections. Also, enter the IP address accurately or reset the device. 

  4. How to Change the Settings of the Router? 

    To change the settings, first, you have to access the Admin page of the router. Go to the “Settings” and make the necessary changes. 

  5. Why won’t the IP 192.168 1 254.254 Load? 

    It may happen if you are entering the wrong IP address corresponding to the router. Otherwise, if there is any other device issue, it may fail to load. You can reset the device to get rid of it. 

  6. Why Can’t I Connect to the IP 192.168 1 254.254? 

    If there is an issue between the router and the system, you can’t connect to the IP address. So, check if both the devices are running correctly or perform a hard reset before reconnecting to the IP address. 

  7. What if you Can’t Open the IP 192.168 1 254.254? 

    You can’t access the IP address 192.168 1 254.254 if it is not the correct default IP address of the device. So, check the IP address and retry connecting to the router.

  8. How to Perform a Router Reset? 

    To reset a router, locate the Reset button from the backside of the device. Then, take a paper clip or something similar to press the Reset button. Hold it for a minimum of 7-9 seconds while turning on the device. Now, wait for the device to fully reset and power it on. 

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